February 12, 2010

Car Wash - Bently Continental Supersports

British-based Bentley has launched the Continental Supersports at the motor show in Geneva, which is its fastest and most powerful vehicle yet,

and to add more spice, the Supersports’ W12 power plant is able to consume petrol as well as biofuel or ethanol (E85).

Mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission with Quickshift that cuts shift times by as much as 50% and enables double downshifts,

the engine is fitted with sensors that monitor the petrol/biofuel mixture ratio, which then supplies data to the ECU to ensure that peak performance is always maintained, which is rated at 621HP and a remarkable 800Nm of torque.

The interior is finished in a combination of Alcantara, carbon fiber and ‘Soft Touch’ leather’ with choice of Single Tone and Duo Tone combination. Fitted with unique lightweight, 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels

The all wheel drive coupe with 40:60 rear biased split features up-rated front suspension with aluminium forward levers, stiffer bushes together with re-tuned anti roll bar and Servotronic steering for sharper turn-in, revised Continuous Damping Control (CDC), Advanced ESP, Standard-fit carbon-ceramic brakes

Now having seen this beautiful exotics Babe Would you send your ride to the road side for a wash or quick detail

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