April 6, 2011

DIY Detailing kit & Intensive Rotary Handling lesson by KC's

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

DIY Detailing kit & Intensive Rotary Handling lesson by KC's......One of the buddy asked me to detail his ride in return ....a got him a rotary & trained him to detail on his own.......

It was another maniac Sunday…….fill with both fun & anxiety ……as was in a full correction detailing & Rotary Buffer hands on session

as I helped one of our forumers to acquire his fullmetal jacket (Detailing starter Kits) consisting of
Makita Rotary Buffer, Backing plate, cutting, polishing pad & Compound + Polish

So my responsible is to train ,equip and empower him….with a very limited time …within days we set it on Sundays & I happen to be stuck inbetween ……….

“when you got stuck between of Moon & New York City” the best that you can be ….is ….gone invisible……..

I hope I can but I cant…..a promise break is a promise not fulfilled……

With the heaps of pressure builds up…..the tough get tougher ……we met & start with Hands on

Begin with ONR wash – move on to Clay with ONR as lube

Intensive lesson consist of ….paint study, how to read paint damages – eg swirls, RIDs, scratches
proper washing techniques, clay, handling on Rotary – the correct way to hold the rotary,
the importance of buying & investing on a proper Machinery specifications, Important on Backing Plate – flexible or stiff, proper Padding for each correctional

How to use Rotary to level out the paint (managing the speed for each process& monitoring the level of cuts) for correcting the paint - damages - Compounding with wools pads, compounding with cutting pad, Polishing with Polishing pads & finishing finally the seal-ing & waxing

This Itliano ride look great from far away but near you will notice
Paint defect – Swirls & RIDS….

THANK YOU to all thedetailers.blogspot follower

Thanks to all my wonderful buddy for all your support & encouragement

its your encouragement & support spurs me to excel...wishing you the best of health & success in all your great endeavorer

thank you very much



You make us Malaysians proud of you.

As the title suggests, it;s really wonderful to see your posts in here among the professionals. Your work is definitely on par with them, KC...and the best part....they listen to you. Well done, bro.!!

Its is you that make us proud - your true spirit displayed to the eyes of the world - thank you for affirming that - we are all make for a reason

as for me - you are my reason of my existence

thank you for tagging along with me ........

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New member in my FAMILY - a detail restorations journey

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

New member in my FAMILY

finally the moment have arrive...... this sat will give her a good good life again

Stay tuned...........

If you were taught rinseless washing first you'd be asking questions like: why are you wasting so much water, and how do you get around the whole car quickly without waterspots. ONR