January 14, 2010

all are welcome to join our detailing session

an opening invitation for Hand on detailing session on rotary

Date : 17 Jan 2010
Time : 12pm

Venue : Yayasan Sunbeams home
Add :

pay to wax or pay to scratch

I received a distress call last Saturday, one of the city forumer asking for help to correct a scratch

he only found out that very same morning while taking his car out from his condo there was this long scratch on both the door, I could understand his feeling, as i had the same issue before...let me say ''no mood to talk, thinking of who to send & how to resolve ..... cant sleep& reason out why this?......''who did it?...''

only a 6 months old City..

January 13, 2010

what to do in 60 minutes detailing - test results

I only had a window free time of 60 minutes to do a quick detail.

Mission : Monthly Details

Menu :

ONR optimum No rinse wash + 3 micro fibers

NXT 2.0

UQD on all - including all Windows

results - Ma ma mia

Sorry guys, not intending to post initially, but something interesting i stumble upon my ride after details to goes thru this........but after meeting a fellow fanatics detailer for breakfast...he say responded to his detailing blog ...so i came back to post up this tips
pls check out this to find out more about detailers claims to be who they are

Imagine all my hard work & effort ...washed away when these fall on my ride...urggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh

i decided to do test in the midst of this heavy fall, driving without switching my wiper....my wife was wondering what am i doing?

you can actually see water gliding away from the wind screen