November 12, 2011

Malaysia Car detaling guru present - another Porsche detail

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

just detail today

user posted image

user posted image
stay tuned for more at here

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November 7, 2011

Malaysia Car Detailing Guru presents "CAR PAINT CORRECTION HANDS ON" powered by detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Malaysia Car Detailing Guru presents Advance paint correction-Detailien train & equip

Is it not impossible to learn how to correct your car paint - this is an restoration work but however it is easier to prevent it from thrashed,

you dont need to goes thru this process if you prevented it
"from the start" " at the begining" when u got your car or after repainted - wash yr car yourself (preventing car wash - as most done by foam sponges & coarse(worn out) MF)

Today patience

had a good good bath

just repainted 2 months ago -

after wash -we clayed using ONR as lube simply diluting 10ml with 500ml water (making it as the cheapest QD only 60 cents)

ta da - very nice reflection picture indeed

but dont be fooled by the hidden light

closer look

Now show me your arsenal

china make rotary & 2inch foam pad & rubbing compound

Confucius once says "Knowing oneself & knowing your enemy - you can win one war"

when i started detailing
I was train in 4 steps paint correction
start with wool then cutting foam pad then polishing foam & finish off with finishing foam
thats means I cut 4 times of the paint to get it leveled up. Thats lots of paint cut away

remember our Clear coat is as thick a news paper or cigarette wrapper & if it is 50% cut/polish away it will be endangered species (permanent damaged)

ta da


I showed him the right way & only 2 product use - as easy as compound & polish

MAKITA M 9227 - a machine that can last a life time
with the phenomenal combination of Optimum Red foam / wool pad & OPT Hyper spray compound & polish

where it uses " AD aka abrasive diminishing + SMAT "small micro abrasive technology"
making it the most advance in this era

do u know whayt i am trying to scribbles

the encrypted code

it doesnt takes an alien nor transformer to do so
all you need is

know your rotary is design to rotate clock wise - dont goes against it
start from left to right - from top to bottom
place yr pad on the furthest left glide till the furthest right glide down goes 1/2 pass on the 1st passes continue the rest & repeat

start the 1st pass at the lowest speed - for makita speed 1 then gradually moves up to speed 2 & stay at speed 2 & back down to speed 1

why is lighting so important
No problem looking

but under the proper light - best to inmitate the sun without the heat is halogen

micro marring & scratches appears ( are the not there in the above picture????) hidden in most car park lighting

the hologram before

AFTER ta da

only with Makita speed 1-2-2-1 with optimum red foam polishing pad & Opt Hyper spray polish

the other side not done

see again

ta da

moving on the left side

look at the before

do u ever wonder why marring & scratches & paint oxidation happen??? - more over how can a 2 months old paint be so thrashed ???

ta da

almost all gone except 1 or 2 rids

moving to the front

after compound by OPT hyper spray compound & wool

ta da
hologram aka buffing trials

finish with OPT red foam & OPT hyper spray polish

the key is to keep our pad flat - at all times

ta da

now - see the real reflection of a corrected paint


remember hologram before


now simply protected with Optiseal - 15 minutes 4 times a year (the whole car now is protected against the harshness of sun, UV) OCWax in 10 minutes

thanks for viewing yet another detailien car detailing trials




and restored

it only takes a little patience and plenty of passion

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    Bro, when can teach me polishing ?? intresting...

    Have you taught of behind the tyre or under the car ??, this taught comes to me when the mechanic raise the car up for servicing....
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    Awesome thread again KC. Nice to know the steps to use the Makita, from which direction to which, and bearing in mind that it spins clockwise.

    Really informative!
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    KC the superman ...good to see you bak in action ....
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Re: A black Swedish affairs - car detailing by Detailien - 11-08-2011, 09:55 PM
Nice job!

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Re: A black Swedish affairs - car detailing by Detailien - 11-08-2011, 09:11 PM
that is one shiny car !

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Re: A black Swedish affairs - car detailing by Detailien - 11-10-2011, 11:22 AM
I love ur work!!! As fellow owner of 240 dl sedan makes me want to get my car shiny again.

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Love your posts. Thanks for sharing!
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Very nice correction on that one. Thanks for sharing your Ta Da moments with us.