April 19, 2011

Charity Hands on Detailing session 7th May 2011

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wanna to learn how to handle a rotary buffer- car detailing by KC
1. Evaluate the finish - assessment
2. Choose the right products - intervention
3. Use good technique - results
we will share & help you to learn how to handle a rotary buffer, it's a good idea to just tackle a single panel your first time. Considering you have to do the rotary buffer for the very 1st step and then after that a number of more steps until you get the paint up to the waxing step, just tackling a panel, like the hood of a car, is going to take some time to go from start to final wipe-off. So don't tackle an entire vehicle your first time out.

Bm33mer trying out the rotary.

Legendary fishbonez

how to ONR

ONR rinseless wash for this huge vehicle

There will be a upcoming hands on charity detailing session -

this is the 3rd consecutive year we are doing our bit as a detailing enthusiast community

Target date 7th May 2011

All are welcome to get a hands on training & experience in car detailing -

Contribution fees: - each participant will contribute RM 50.00 ( will be donated to the children home with a Tax exemption receipt to be issued to the individual well wisher)

all are welcome ......kindly RSVP to groomers@live.com or call 016 220 9227 KC

Confirm participants KC's Charity car detailing workshop sat 07 May 2011

01. carpe diem
02. gtfan
03. =Hanxz=
04. joe_yong
05. kvinlim
06. Temptress
07. shiggar
08. shukree
09. nahar
10. nilocwng
11. sky
12. KW Wong
13. rhaizo
15. aivee
16.G-Pat aka Patrick (pls confirm)
19. Sam

ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE TO SMS ME YOUR FULLNAME (as a tax exempted receipt will be issued) 016 220 9227

1st come 1st serve basis

a handful more & we will close
Thank you


Charity detailing - hands on session with KC & Fishbonez Ken