November 2, 2010


For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

1st Opticoat TOYOTA camry by detailien (brand new car paint defect)

when life begins ...its so beautiful....a new relationship...a new blossom....out of which ...a new life birth forth
children indeed are gift from above

then we would be planning to buy a new house, new ride...

brand new ride

brand new ........hologram too

this is the 2/3 car i marathon detail during the 3 days of raya holiday arms & hand begin to develope Hulk looking muscle

from a brand new delivered car

more hologram from the D area
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++
break time -

wanna to hear another brand new story from another brand new car
just a couple of nights ago.. my friend brought a Nissan Shyphly
less than 6 hours later he drove over to show me at 11pm
& all i got was this

huh???? brand new????

more scratch

hologram from the side

would you pay 120k for this ...the ride yes

back bonnet

close up

rear spoiler

now preparations begins
onr wash 1 side (nearer to the right side)

water flush

water dissipated faster on the right than the left side

when we wipe with microfibres, almost impossible to glides & the MF stuck on the paint as as though like on the Velcro it is late ...i could only show him how to do clay
but he went home couldn't sleep & wide awake till dawn & started detailing ...with some products i gave him...ONR, clay, optiseal & Ocwax

pick up from clay

more surface above contaminant picked up

another date is set to spent time with him to train him to detail his ride

do you remember - i share this before with you, that many Honda show room do not deliver black under a noon day sun...this is the reason
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++

back to the origin thread
a minor brand new scratch too

how to prepare & protect new investment.....

protect from depreciating - faster (as compare to a neglected ride)

protect against the harsh environment, weather abuse - uv threats to come...

preparing for days to come....a love that last a drive time

begins with
Surface preparations ...Surface preparations ......Surface preparations ......Surface preparations ......Surface preparations ....Surface preparations ....Surface preparations

surface test...after a good wash.....use a damp microfibres (not dry & certainly not with sandwich bags- less is more ) - glides slowly & gently ....feel all the noops...& bumps AKA surface above contaminations

lubricate the surface properly prior best in a cool surface...... ...ensure yr clay is check each time prior claying.......flip over prior moving to the next 2 x 2 feet area
i like to clay top down....rather the other way

cross check.....clean & good to go

stop...look ...go....was instil in me from my childhood days before cross any my dad

this principle apply here as well, stop to check & removed whatever sightable contaminant ...removed & folded in & move on

surface contaminants was pick up from a brand new car

any new goes thru a line of delivery ....right from factory to central warehouse..transport in open area, park in open garage.....delivered to district ware house...sent again by truck to the individual show room - maybe it was park outside prior wash & deliver to you again...

loo at the treasure i found in this brand new ride

from the side skirt

another scratch require to be removed by my friends

the length of it

ta da

removing adhesive marks

removing more adhesive stains

ta da

shoe marks stains

cleaning made easy & safe with the right tools



What we did was
exterior paint
ONR wash
CLay with ONR as lube
Wax strip by Power clean

FLUSH down again
Surface was prepare & finished by Rotary
by Megs 205 with megs polishing pads
Finishing with Lake country purple glaze pads with Megs 205
ONR wash

IPA wipe down - final inspection prior coating

OPTI COATED - for ultimate paint protection

shoe stains removed by Power clean & wipe down with H20 (aka water)
protected by leather protectant

remember the hologram on the front hood

ta da

further away

further & better reflection

just before the rubber hit the road again

close up

the side

the emblem

the rear

the front

the lower front

the view from the top

another top view

side skirt

side door

the wheels

even the alloy spoke is protected

can u remember

thanks God for my good buddy Seech who came was another marathon which i wouldnt be able to complete...

thanks for viewing again