October 19, 2009

New city Post delivering detailing

This happen to be my uncle new ride & i offer groom his ride. initially he thought it was just waxing, but prior waiting for his new car delivery, he often drive over to the show room, admiring Dom's city (my neighbour - who is a megs fan & sold this ride to him) he was convinced that once he get this ride it has to be details

Menu for today is:-

ONR wash
mild clay with ONR as lube
Megs M80 with CCS cutting pad 2 passes (speed 2 & 1)
Megs M 80 with CCS polishing foam
NXT 2.0

Came back from Church & after visited my sis prior to get this babe detailed. 1 month plus ride, park on outside/unshaded area, wash twice a week by my aunt. as his hubby always like to see it shinning.......in resulting...swirls

at a glance, this is a nice looking ride, but under the scorching sun... ruining my insanity ....swirls

there are plenty of here & there swirls

Toyota Caldina detailed - fastest production car

The Caldina is Toyota's best car out right now, a 17 inch standard rims (but the owner has an 18inche now), Xenon headlight (Discharge lamp), ABS, TCS, private & UV cutting glass, Recardo bucket seats, it has AWD, tip tronic and 2.0 260hp turbocharged 3sgte to power it, which makes it Toyota's fastest production car right now. With the discontinuation of celica, the Caldina was one of sportiest Toyota models in Japan For the price, no other turbo 2.0 can match the price and reliability of a 3sgte engine. Beauty cant be resisted, even a group of American is signing a petition to start bringing Caldina's over to US shores.

for those of you who is interested, kindly check out http://www.petitiononline.com/3sgteCal/petition.html

Cooks recommendations
This is a 6 years ride, park in non shaded & was neglected by the previous owner. the paint was badly oxidized, white color became yellow, non glossy & non reflective. The clear coats almost non existed. Head lamp was cloudy & yellowish. I saw a lot of work but the owner was very kind & cheering us up, even bought us breakfast, lunch & teas.

Menu for the day
- 2 Buckets sys (wash by the owner, kind to prepare for me)
- Mild Clay & ONR as lube
- quick wipe down

Main course
- Megs M105 with CCs cutting pad (almost 3-5 passes on each panels)
- IPA wipe down, proceed to
- Megs M80 with CCs Polishing pad

- Megs NXT 2.0

APC on all door jams & side archs with many brushes

Pics Before