Today we had a short Detailing TT gathering at North 

hard core Enthusiast & detailer (one even came 2 rotary & DA with 100 yards extension cord) another Father and son ...more

Practical hands On ; Interior and exterior + engine compartment Detailing

Venue: Open Air, with no water supply 

Tools in Hand : a bottle of water, ONR as QD, Alien clean 1:3 Dilution & Alien wax

No machine used, (no running water) - only ONR as QD
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

although it was a short but a real meaningful meetings

Dirt Stains Arm rest

heavy soil dash board with years of dressings

a heavy soil engine 

stained and dirt filled engine bonnet

heavy stain door jams

stained Soil Fabric seats

Begin from Inside Out

after 5 seconds of alien clean & using ONR as QD wipe off

heavy stained Dashes

lets do a tissue swipes test

imagine if you were to wear a long white sleeves shirt...ta da

after Alien clean 

when it is dry (thats the natural colour of Dash)

Moving on to Fabrics seats stained

close up

after 5 second of Alien clean & ONR as QD to wipe off

close up 0 when it is dried

boss "RM 250 Steam cleanning ......package B RM150 extractor cushion cleaning..!!!!!!

Alien wash 5 seconds on a small part area & ONR as QD to wipe off with MF

after when it is dried in 30 minutes

"kc, will there be water stains after dried?"
i will let the pic answer

stains hand brakes handle

after alienised 1:3

ta da

side steps before

after alienised 1:3 ta da

door jams cleaning - 

after alienised 1:3

ta da

door trims


rest complete by the participants

Now real work begun - Open air hands on lesson

detailing an soiled stains engine without running water supply


after alienised 1:3 
ta da

engine bonnet before 

close up

after alienised

a 50/50% 

observed the right side - stain on the rubber & left after

Dirt & oil stained cover


after alienised 1:3 & ONR as QD spray on & wipe off

our Hero today

heavily soil interior 

cleaning began with Alienisation 1:3

ONR as QD sprayed on & Wipe off & walk away

ta da


5 seconds of Alienised 1:3

ANTI RUST _ prolong or neglected

when it is cleaned - paint is etched because of prolong or neglection

more soiled parts


after alienised 1:3

last part
Paint cleaning - without Petrol base waxes or polish and machine


after alienised 1:3 & minimal water flush down (5 seconds) + Alien Wax


after - paint is cleaned + Alien Wax 

Paint definitions is shown again as dirt is removed from the paint

Tree saps

ALien clean - ta da

extreme zoom in close up- the tree saps acidic etches on the paint & the penetration cause the paint to cracked

ook at the defect after prolong delayed

look again, the simple detailing with effective results


thanks to Alien age cleaners

Specially dedicated to all who came today

Have a great week to come