January 25, 2011

CAT City, malaysia car detailing hands on session by KC

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giving the most express wash in the world - ONR no rinse wash with 3 microfibers

stains below the hood

engine before

we started out TT very late & only have 2 hours plus

so what we cover

Basic car wash _ the most important of car detailing - begin with a humble wash

Proceed to clay (ONR 2 ounce dilutes in 500ml water) as lubrications the least aggressive but most effective (cost saving & good ROI) - it also prolong yr clay life spent , as most shampoo degrades & break it...

Moving on engine - spot cleaning - (optimum power cleaner) the far most better cleaner i ever use - so strong that can use as degreaser but so gentle can be diluted & safe for car paint & leather (safe for clear coat) i like to dilute 1:5 for engines & 1:8 for interior & leather cleaning

Paint correction - product comparison (between OTC & professional range)
Started with consumer product - OTC
proceed to Polish - Optimum hyper spray polish & M205
proceed to compound - Megs 105

*part 2 (advance level)
Wet sanding - levelling paint coat

ending with - LSP (protection)
10 minutes optiseal ( a prefect bonding & protection )5 minutes car wax by OCWax

ended past midnight

after Optimum power clean - dilution 1:5 parts water ( we are only going to do a spot cleaning test)

after opc wash & onr rinse