July 15, 2011

KC detailing guru featured again in Cars.my magazines

taking the pleasure to share with you

Zoom in (real  dimensions: 480 x 640)Image

Zoom in (real  dimensions: 640 x 480)Image

Zoom in (real  dimensions: 480 x 640)Image

looking familiar - the black civic ...yupp....from one of our car club TT - detailing clinic

Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 480)Image

have a lots of detailing fun ya

2nd issue

hi buddies
hope you enjoy it, as much as we do
Zoom in (real  dimensions: 800 x 600)Image

Zoom in (real  dimensions: 800 x 600)Image

Zoom in (real  dimensions: 800 x 600)Image

have agreat weekend ahead


The detalien 3rd issue featured in CARS.MY magazine




with a little patience & alots of passion


For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

show me your work - a tribute to Aron Ralston

What does it takes for you to be called a man?

Male by birth, man by choice

When the Almighty creates man, He make him to be adventure, ambitious, dare to take chances or risk, one who protect his family & provides......they get easily attracted with visual & Audio.....Fast cars & highway way

and how entrepreneur taking advantages of it by creating so called the adventure branding of "Camel Trophy" ...Malboro man in 70's -80's....

recently I watch the movie 127 Hours ( a biography film) As gut-wrenching as it is inspirational,

Cerita berdasarkan kisah benar tentang seorang pendaki gunung yang bernama Aron Ralston potong tangan

through a narrow passage where boulders are suspended, wedged between the walls of rock. As he descends, one boulder is jarred loose, falling after Ralston to the bottom of the canyon and pinning his arm against the canyon wall, trapping him. He initially yells for help, but nobody is within earshot. As he resigns himself to the fact that he is on his own, he begins recording a video diary on his camera and using his pocket multi-tool to attempt to chip away at the boulder. He also begins rationing his water and food.
As he realizes his efforts to chip away at the boulder are futile, he begins to attempt to cut into his arm, but finds his knife too dull to break his skin. He then stabs his arm, but realizes he will not be able to cut through the bone. He finds himself out of water and is forced to drink his own urine gathers the will to apply enough force to his forearm to break it and severs his arm with the dull knife, fashioning a crude tourniquet out of the insulation for his CamelBak tube and using a carabiner to tighten it.
My tribute - My hero ' who got to do what he got to do" & he did it'

back in January, the last sat before Chinese new year (where it is a customary practice for the chinese - to do a spring cleaning) My buddy has been pestering me to help restores his wife new present (a 2nd hand Nissan March Impul)
so much so he believe " i can do wonders" he still think i am a superman....

read on
on arrival as early at 7 am

not to bad looking

scuff & scratches found visible

not too bad, but if you should observe carefully, there is a long scratched line found

it takes brick to build houses

For it is always seems to carry ladies passenger

slightly more from the top as well

more contemporary decorative scuff found at the side doors

more lines (looks like scuff from children bicycle brake handle )

danger of (paint etching - birds poo)

not too bad

more scuff/scratches

some foreign residue, sticks on the side body, near petrol cap area - had to be powered clean off later

residues from the past detailing

some water spots visibility...looks like very much thrashed by road side car wash

dull & stains dashes

this triggles him, everytime he sees.....as the previous ladies owner (handles this car carelessly)

moving on in to the interior

more stains on this light coloured interior, as she uses this to transport the children

more stains on the leather

but with the help of power clean - ta da

more stains

a neglected, unconditioned leather


side door

looks like a public vehicle more than a private car usage

more algae stains found on the wheels

after a good wash, power clean 1:3 part water


front left side passenger door
wow...mirror shining paint - is there a need to be detail???????

look again

remember "what you cant see you cant detail - Matt Davis (Megs Asia Trainer)"

now look at the back passenger door

ta da

front 1/4 damages pic

more scuff appears

scratches are more prominent under halogen light

now - it this a job done by Wolverine???

I can hear the paint screaming out in paint

abstract arts done by Contemporary artist AKA neglected owners

more paint chips

scuff & scratches done by children bicycle

what a beautiful picture - realieve

but TA DA

wolverine art

more scratches found by this artificial sun light (halogen is one of the most affordable & yet mimic the best sun light)

is this from off road...tree trunks....

2 contributors - mainly the owner & road side car wash

look at the finger nails scuff

scuff like scratches inflicted by careless passenger - chances of banging on to a beam or pillar during opening

another relieve side
who does like deep glossy, depth, reflective paint

the truth

the seller, actually sent the car to get a quick fixed & touch up (you can see there is a lot of cover up) Thank God for making man of creating Halogen

front bonnet

Didnt had the time to post up this...the detail was done 7 months ago, a month earlier during Christmas I had a slipped while washing my car, wearing a worn out crocs sandal, my whole body landed on my elbow (the impact nearly cause me a black out - although some stars appeared) without much of after care, I continue to detail & golfing & detail (when i felt the pain in between - i consulted more than 1/2 dozens GP) taken a significant anti inflammatory pill (AKA - pain killers) ...so much so was wrongly diagnosed as a muscle pull , where i actually got a ligament tears( only found out 5 months later) what from a acute now became chronic)

How my pain was suppressed, and 40 days later, much to my ignorant ( i barely able to lift up even a lap top with my right arm, where i use to swing the Makita rotary (8Kg) like a piece of cake.....so severe, till i had to go to Gleneagle hospital at midnight, as my right arms cant even drive or carry my baby) the pain was so unbearable

I got panic for the 1st time, thinking what will it be - IF.....??????? IF???? this & that....I was not so worried of losing my arm, or can i carry my baby again... but can i detail again....what if I can detail again

"i always believe all thing happen for a good reason, The reason of rest, recuperates & get restores"

Although after another month of resting or so, I did couple of hands on Detailing clinic & did a couple of cars as well- finally heals.

I was suffering from a torn ligament & I did this 13 hours detail all by myself (many a times I wanted to call it quit

so painful, till I had to use an elbow guard stripes to act a a tourniquet to relieve the ligament pressure at my elbow.
So much so I had to use my left hand to hold my right to finish the detail) esp Makita. Mind you I thought I was gonna to loose my arm in this detail

read more

a 50/50%

ta da

swirls & water marks

ta da

please bear in mind you only have 6th/part of an inche of clear coat paint on your car ( as thick as a cigarette plastic wrapper of clear coat) should you allow - the hands of untrained person to remove only 50% of that (your coat is ENDANGERED)


therefore , there is no point of restoring the car, should the new onwer continues to let the car wash & thrashed by the road side car wash aka detailer)

for it takes a cobbler to know his tools

right tool for the right job is important

eg on this tight & narrow area

side door before


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

after 10 hours of paint correction prior going in to interior detailing



remember the sprayed on paint...that was use to cover up


used to be like this


front bonnet


a complete make over

side view

remembering this side


finger nails scuff leveled up after paint correction


how this before

now - the reflection shot

double check again with halogen

show me your work!!!!!!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++

ladies and gentleman presenting to you

before & after restore


do you remember

ta da

what happen if my buddy now neglect his car, just like the previous owner????? tell me how would you feel, after going thru this mentally, physically & stress to get her restores...... I always choose to empowered, equip & explain to the owner what I am doing & what is the level of paint cutting requires .....every post is make specially for them to remember & refer to when they have forgotten of this journey





how it was before

how it was

Thank you for reading yet another detailing thread of detailien, for all your kind words

My tribute to Aron Ralston, my tears flow when i watch the movie 127 hours...to see what he has got to do ...to save himself

lastly my beloved wife & lovely children for their constant support, I love you guys
for nothing is impossible to whom who believe