December 26, 2009

Rescue detailing Mercedes-Benz - C-Class -

GREETINGS to you all
merry Christmas..detailing....

just after attended Christmas service & luncheon, I rush to rescue another disaster Merz, horrendously scratch by 2 cute poodle .....7 years old C class look great...but upon closer inspections

December 24, 2009


Honda Accord - Detailer Installed Swirls and Holograms

My good friend was supposed to detail this Honda Accord for the owners wedding but unfortunately he was out of the country at that time. So the owner ended up sending his car to a 'detailer' and this was the result........

December 21, 2009

BMW E 60 just detail

Just detail this E 60
upon shooting some pictures, i came to realized my 6 years camera fails

Couple of months 1 did some extreme make over for this ride & recently I was invited back to wax. Aim just to do a quick detail & go off

closer look, lots of minor swirls & stone chips. pardon me for the low res pics as taken by my handphone ....