February 9, 2010

Toyota Rush Just detail by Seech & KC

Toyota rush Just detail by seech & KC (horrendous stain for a 6month )

Toyota RUSH is one those yuppies 4 wheels
Very good geometry, esp for ladies driver...you can see way far ahead...though a bit bumpy but its nice to drive one....

My Body shop friends , call me saying that his client car need to be detail for chinese new year....hmmmm.... i was suppose to detail my uncle Camry ....but
I guess...i can tell my uncle...i will do a better job without rushing in later dates

view from a far not too bad

how to get
from that
to this

view from a far not too bad

but........................near pics blowing my mind off

how can this be for a 6 months old ride

plenty of stains on these new babe - the silver who looks like gray

my my - it is just 6 months old ride -

i guess it has been a long time since it bath

tremendous stains
the owner specially requested these area to be detail

interior pics before

rear 1/4 joint with the rear bumper

the emblem is full of stains

yes we need a S - superman

and then Seech came along...otherwise

i would not have done 2 in a day

a bit of Pics before

front bumper and panel joints

look at the paint dullness

some scratches visible on the driver doors

2nd scratch discover

3rd scratch found

more dull paint

u dont need a Sherlock Holmes to tell u what happen

Menu for the day
APC on all emblem & joints area

ONR rinseless wash - with 3 microfibers

Aggressive Clay with ONR as Lube

Quick wipe down with ONR prior start polishing
Master Seech suggested Meguiars M80 & he tried on the back fender ...ma ma mia it works tremendously well & looks wet
it works extremely well wit softbuff W8006 polishing pads by seech
me Lake country
both challenge to complete

a total of 6 mans hours to complete this details

Wax by NXT 2.o tech wax by me

UQD by Seech

Final inspection by Seech & delivered by me


before pics

after clay

interior before

steerling wheels

after pics

aircond vents & plenty of ash



speed o meters pics before




Door seals Before -

apc at work...agitating


its only a 6 months old ride -

APC agitating and brushing off



rear fender 50/50 pics

front hood 50/50 pics

this ride doesnt need to be tapped

can u see clearer now

another 50/50 clearer pics

pics of half hood corrected

look the polishing buff...just 2 panels & 2 buff look like the panel before
oxidations got transfers to the pad now

door jam before

magic corrected by Meguiars swirl X
ta atatatatatatatat

Ladies & Gentleman
Gong Xi Fa CHai

Happy New year with a new look
ta ta ta ta

pics after


wow wow

side view
looks glossy & wet....

elegantly yours again

roof during correction &

after corrected

remember before

elegantly detail





interior door after

after detail

remember before

another after

ma ma mia

more side view

remember before


its time to deliver the ride to the owner
ta ta

thanks for viewing again...we had a very very quick lunch & seech ate nothing

i would have done this without Seech, thanks for your detailing ship

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