July 13, 2010

Professional Car detailing in Malaysia - step by step interior detailing guide by KC

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Professional Car detailing - step by step interior detailing guide by KC

Last year I had the opportunity to detail this church van, as prepared her to transport VIPs, but a year later....it need to be detail again


Reason being heavily used for transportation & so huge to look after....

Due to the numerous posting, i have fequents call from many forumers..asking me how this & that.....
for those who happen to call me, i usually explain it in details
looking at the current condition & how to get it detail (DIY)...
as i have conducted many classes , hoping other may too empowered to do it themselves

How to clean, dress your car interior the professional way:-
or alternative you can spend some $$$ send it to others to clean it...one of my friends just send her Altis to clean her leather seats to Cxx Ixxxxxxxx cost her 350 just to clean the seats & she paid 650 to subscribe as the member.......
@#$%^^& ..if the car can talk he will tell you how it was treated..LOL

here is what you can used, to get the job done...remember the Merz S class filty interior, the Ferrari F 355, BMW M3 convertables, Camry - smoking driver damages...i used the following stuff to detail them

Tools required...
1. Brushes - get plenty various brushes.....ikea, diashio, 100 yen shops must be soft bristle
hard brushes for wheel brush for tyres only,
soft painting brushes for emblem rims (as it is clear coated) trims, interior
long brushes for wheel arch accesability,
soft hair brushes for leathers,
soft plastic bristle for fabric - seats & cushion, dash board, car seats,

tips....please do not use strength, check periodicaly of the cleaners, do not spray cleaners directly on any surface but brushes..to spread evenly rather than to agitate any surface...when the cleaning agent etched in(please please be extra gentle )

2. Cleaners
Meguiars APC - good but expensive
alternative Osren MPC - value for $$$ (www.osren.com)
My preffered & iots is safe for clear coat too OPT POWER CLEAN

Leathers cleaner OSREN..... ( i do not recomend to ise All In One ....2 in 1 products) most
leathers cleaners & polisheer & conditioner has 90 % Cleaning & 10 % cleaning - so what do u want to clean or condition ???)
the professional only choose the individual cleaners & individual
conditioner... as by their experiences they know what work best

FAB Breeze ...ma ma mia products..good on fabrics (only)....please rinse off with damp cloths well
alternative...try to get hold of industry strength carpet cleaner such as...
Johnson diversified....Taski 1 ...excellant product...PH safe & 3:100 part of water dilutions
i even used it on interior & work very well on leathers too...

3. Micro fibers
I used different cloths for different parts of the car, (we do not use floor cloths on our face)
same thing over here too......
2 for drying the car
1 for washing
2 for polishing & compounding purposes
2 for interior
old microfibers - pls dont throw ...recycle reuse them.....wheels, rims, engine compartment,
lowest car skirt area....most dirty & greasy area

TIPS - washing the dirty micro fibers i used dynamo, fab is cheaper...most of the time i will spray
on with OSREN MPC (www.osren.com)
soak over night - best to scrub, do not use softerner on yr all yr micro fibers (as it will lubricate
yr fibers & not allowing it to absorb any dirt)

Micro fibers single strands is like our single strand of human hair but divided into 16 parts...each
parts acts as to hold & traps dirt

4, pails....at least 2 -3 of them....one for the seats rinsing, another for dirt...door jams, side panel
rinsings, my last bucket for dirty side step, pedals

5. STEAMers if u can....steam it up...less harsh as compare to the conventional cleaning...as it
uses water steams at 3 bar preassure to clean...alternative way to clean

6. dressing - Leathers Meguiars Aloe leather conditioners, Optimum leather protectant ...alternatively yr expensive lorenzo...cleaning kit...it is the same but very expensive indeed

7. plastic & vinyl - please do not apply tyre shines here....or else it will attract dust & transfers to your sleevs....i say u spend a little & a bottle of Meguiars gold class interior & will last u for years)

nope on sun of the gun la, wxxxx, Kxxx, Txxxx Wxx la...later you will not want their after effect dirt

lastly you have to prepare to get dirty inorder to clean, the way up is down

================================================== ===================

pic from a far

the famous pit stop lane


July 11, 2010

Professional car detailing course - Intensive car care course by KC

24 Hours the movie - another CHARITY Detailing in SUNBEAMS home episode

Its another round of happy trails

The children was so excited & they wash, clay & clean the car

Thanks for another opportunity again ...charity detailing...

24 Hours
the movie

0700 hours went down town to pick up , Rex who fly all the way from Kuching...( the other end of the country)

0800 hours breakfast with REX

0900 hours arrived at Sunbeams home

0930 hours .... over view of Car Paint, what is the damages done by improper car wash, identify paint defects....

a beautiful sun rise boulevard

before correction

a perfect 50/50 pics

50/50 under 300 watt halogen light

1000 hours ..... Crashed course...hands on
5 basic car care tips
how to wash properly , Clay , compound, Polish, Seal / wax

NOW hands on begin...everyone to compound & then polish section by section
warming up for the actual job

1045 hours EMERGENCY...call from Home....there is a snake in the house......... what ???????? WHY ????? WHAT HAPPEND...the million $$# questions


who could belive, sorry Derek...who struggle to find the way...to Sunbeams & after we met for 3 minutes & i tell him... i need t be excused , as to catch a snake.....
as Derek & friend who fly from KK
Hmmmmmmm.....RIPLEY's belive it or not.....NOT

all the guys wash 2 vans & clay them

while back at home

1155 hours...return with SNAKE .... PARDON FOR THE PICS...excuse PG -18 rated

continue to wash 3rd car



WASH, clay ,

a few product tried & tested....OPT hyper compound - rotary wool & rotary cutting

Megs M 80 LC CCS cutting...

Megs M 105 LC CCS on the engine hood
followed by Megs M80 CCS pad & polishing pad

there was so much pf paint transference
as this is single coated paint & the amount of pad washed during the job was enormenous

Ta da

1430 hours completed the RED SAGA.... continues with KIA Pergio Vans correction with 3 rotaries with OSREN AIO

OPTI seal & OC wax-ed

1515 hours 2nd van Toyota....conmtinues 3 rotaries
1/2 CAR Megs M 80 & the other 1/2 OSREN AIO

OPTI seal & OC wax-ed

some before pics


before long long scratched from the front till the rear

ta da


1600 hours mission completed & only we took a break there after

... lunch break

then came rain & beading test

thanks guys ..... for coming & completing 2 vans & 1 home carer Car

& to all the children ....God bless u...we enjoy yr fellowship & fun

another great day out with you guys

alternative ending

hmmm reminding me of the little annaconda?????

hahaha the children not afraid of the snakes

its duty time...the children are trained to do house keeping

another priceless moments
the cheers that we got along the way