April 6, 2010

Optimum no rinse wash to test by KC (wash 2 car & waxed 1 in 60 minutes challenge)

ONR no rinse wash put to test on a new car - wash 2 cars & waxed 1 in 60 minutes

My buddy just brought a new Nissan Sylphy
my intention is to show him how easy to wash & protect his investment,

otherwise it will be doomed like the old car.........as conveniently your whenever he couldnt find a parking lot, he will just drive into one of those car wash that was found in the basement, my intervention plan is to ...bring a good remedy & solution .....before this new ride turn into.....chk it out

I only had a window time free between 60 minutes to do wash both his car & wax .... reason being my family is waiting for me to go home as it is 9pm .. ...

Mission : simple maintenance & Awareness education

Menu : ONR - optimum No rinse wash + 3 micro fibers

HOW? mixing 1 ounce of ONR in 8 litre of ONR no rinse wash with 3 micro fibers

NXT 2.0 + UQD on all - including all Windows

60 mins later ta da

results - Ma ma mia

Pics before the wash, a brand new car shouldn't have scratches right?
lets discover together........will it remain NO SCRATCHES even after this rinseless wash????? u mean without wetting the floors & clothes prehaps

PICS BEFORE WASH.....evident pics before, dust settled on the surface

rear bonnet...dust & dirt accumulated
imagine if u were to wipe off with bare hands....& u would discover some marking left behind

Initially both my friend & his wife doubted...hmmmm...what am i talking about...how to wash without rinsing?????and will not scratch????? how true is true?

what i did was,
i purposely brought along the halogen light... to show & prove the ONR NO RINSE WASH claims....only under proper lighting (artificial sun light) everything is exposed...spell out

pls pardon my low res pics.......as was not intended to post..taken by my mobile phone camera....only later when i stumble upon & discover some interesting stuff
PG-18 rated
50/50 pics