March 22, 2011

4 steps car details works? by KC the detailing guru

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I did my silver car via an authorised Mxxxxxxxxx detail shop. 3 to 4 layers coated on it but frankly speaking I do not like the outcome. The paint turns 'sandly feel' in less than 2 months. What I do to preserve the smooth surface is coat it up by 'Pxxxx Sxxxx' once or twice a month.

Hi Buddy
thanks for bringing up - 2 issue i would like to clear up here

There is no such myths of 3-4 "layer coat " or 3 or 4 steps
(what ever malaysia car wash / polish centre) claims -
No matter how many layers of waxs, sealant, glass coating & bla bla bla - the 1st layer than counts, as it is the touch base - try applying 58 layer of wax on yr car & check it out in 30 days time, - you would find more contaminants than ever before

worst still - most car polish uses rotary to wax????????? which i cant find in any label of wax- where it specify - best use - rotary at speed 6 & 12 kg of pressure with rapid kung fu strokes to polish wax the car & resulting- buffer trails -

Lets clear this myths once & for all
there are 5 steps towards car detailing, if you were to check out in Meguairs USA forum (in which i was trained , cyberly) - :-