I have countless text, calls, email....asking 
how do you keep your white car white? well it is not easy but truly rewarding

I used to use 99 soft but ended having hard muscle ache polishing wax, alot of effort to remove water / rubber stains......on the paint

begin with the most contaminated area of the car..... Wheels


but now with the safest Multi purpose cleaner - so effective to degreaser and yet so gentle to be used on leather.....just dilutes according to your need..... 

with the help of

I use 1:3 alien clean/water for rims (only uses 25% strength)

1:5 alien clean/water for painted area (17% strength)

lower area - is the last area you would like to wash (so pls begin with the right spot) 

washing is always from TOP to bottom

tars stains - cos near G. election


next moving to rear

look at the amount of contamination picked by the wheels!!!! esp asbestos from brakes & metal flakes from the rotor disc

remember - let the car cool down (best in the morning or evening)
start from top

tars stains - cos near G. election

Opti Mitt - my washing companion

ta da

sun shots

after travelling 350KM

who says hard

ta da

ta da



my cleaning buddy

protect with OID in just 5 minutes ( a prefect company for no rinse wash)