February 12, 2010

Where does your ride takes you to?

I have 280bhp stock under my hood..Vtec ...Dvvt...Vanos....I have got twin turbo....I have got a super charger...

I only have Kei-car with 67 Bhp enough to carry 4 grown man....or two of us & two baby seat

Kei car, K-car, or keijidōsha (軽自動車, lit. "light automobile") (pronounced /keːdʑidoːɕa/), is a Japanese category of small city Cars, including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks . They are designed to exploit local tax and insurance relaxations, and in more rural areas are exempted from the requirement to certify that adequateparking is available for the vehicle

while going out for a some good seafood......after a quick detail....rain came down...throughout the 50km journey to Klang, Kg Jawa....Hing ket

Good thing i protected before it happen & the rain water beaded so well....means the layer of was is working... create a good surface tension to resists mother nature treat

had this excited meals - grilled sea food fried mantis prawn

grilled lamb - is the only red meat they serve...ma ma mia with mint source

the very next day, i had breakfast with one of my detailer friend....
he say...wow .......your ride look so shiny ...even going thru yesterday heavy down pour

back view - ma ma mia

under the sun....even some water spots still visible....but over all not more of water & dirt stains...

as it has good layer of wax protections

i smiled while taking these pictures....once again i do not need to wash my car after rain

__________________________________another outing_________________

a month later

we had a family reunion dinner, recommended by some friends in the most remote place in the Jungle, between a no man land & our Capital city....inbetween of Kuala Lumpur & Hulu Langat
A Thai Seafood -

out of this woods we found this restaurant that plant their own greens (vegetables) - was told it is planted organically & fish is breed in an open pond - organic too

Means Healthy food - grilled is still a better choice of cooking

Cook from Thailand charcoal - grilled

fishes free to roam in this open pond

Dinner at wild wild west - opppssss...jungle - a rustic dinning

these platform is build upon the lake

wow is so exciting to be able to eat in the woods

table by the pond

thanks for viewing again
......ma ma mia......

a well protected car is always a good looking one....not too bad for a 10 year old car

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