December 30, 2009

Kawasaki ninja rescue - plenty of pictures

Ninja, Kawasaki Extreme Detailing

This is only slightly over a year old Bike
Used by the careful owner, to avoid caught in jam & beating against traffic in town,
from a distance .....sweet looking black stalion

upon closer inspection you will see alot of heavily swirls & Horrendous RIDS
I would actually gave the most swirl award on every inches found

initially i suspect the owner did had a proper cloth & wrong techniques ......

another far away pics & the rest ...i want to show you what i discover from this quest

December 28, 2009


One of my crazy detailing friends always quote ''SHOW ME YOUR WORK''

now this one of those work, I want to show......not just only show off ...but must told off

did 2 full days of heavy correction & free as another appointment was called
so i am free & avail to do some work..............these are my working boot, otherwise i would not dare to go onto the muddy slimy ground....there is always a tool for everything

APC agitating the earth