May 21, 2010

Lamborgini detail by KC

ladies & gentleman

let me introduce to you the car i just detail with ONR today

could it be this

or this?

or another of this

t a d a

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let me know...what is the red has to do it with the other red??????

next correction in que

the legendary

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thanks buddy...opss none of the above...but the paint is superb

i just detail these with ONR no rinsewash today
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user posted image

ta da
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courteousy of the owner allowing my to post

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detail here

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May 20, 2010

Does Optimum no rinse car wash as good as they says?

some of the respond of ONR user
Hi All,
I met up with KC today to purchase ONR and try it out myself. Met up with him in town by the roadside. Really nice chap, explained everything in detail and did a full demo on how to use the product on my car by the roadside. Thats how this product works, u can basiclly wash ur car wherever you are, as long as u have ONR and Water. Went back home n tried it myself and my comments are below:-

- Great washing solution, you can just wash an entire car with one bucket of water. Very low risk of scratches/swirl marks from washing.
- Very mild washing solution , protects the paint in a way, but doesnt remove hard stains. My car was black , so cant see the dirt. But my dads car, silver color, dirt still can be seen on the paintwork. According to KC, need another product to clean heavily stained dirt.
-Has water beading effect , and gives a smoother touch for the paintwork. Deeper shine can be seen.

Conclusion: If you have restricted space to wash (condo), no running water, and want to keep the car clean often...this is the only solution for u. Perfect for me. I can wash my car twice a week now , keep it more clean. Saves you lotsa time too.

Some pics before

Pics after ONR WASH
pics before wash

pics after wash

Got my E90 ONR optimum no rinse WASH by KC.. was an eye popping experience to see my one week never wash car got dry cleaned by just spray and wipe plus even waxed! Amazing solution!

Some photos I took while the detailing sifu at work..

ONR diluted in osren foam spray bottle - ratio 1oz : 1 litre water

Just wipe, no rinse!

Spray-on Wax, no need buffing, just wipe, immediate result!

last sunday for a very interesting day out for me & i believe to many others who turn up too.. from this quick detailing

was an eye popping experience to see my one week never wash car got dry cleaned by just spray and wipe plus even waxed! Amazing solution! :
OPTIMUM car care
Eh? 40 minutes complete full detailing, washing, sealing & waxing,.
That's really fast. Ya,i like the 3 products you use
in that article. Seem you really enjoying the detailing process as you
don't need so much effort to get to a very nice detailing. Already got
1 of it so am hoping to get the other 2. Heck, I want the entire
range. Will put my order as soon as the stuff you order from us
arrive. For now, have to be satisfied with onr only.

May 17, 2010

waterless rinseless car wash, green car wash

What is A Waterless Car Wash?

Waterless Car Washes are one-step products meant to clean and protect your car. They literally need no water to clean the dirt off your car. These waterless wash products vary in strength and effectivity but most of them can handle a week’s build up of road dust and grime pretty well.

Most if not all of them are eco friendly in two ways. First, they conserve precious water lost while hosing down a car. Second, they can be discarded on the lawn or garden and used to water the plants.

As much as 100 gallons (400 litres) of water can be consumed during a thorough hose down of a vehicle. This includes hosing down dirt and dust, washing with soap and rinsing. Pressure washers make consumption even higher. With millions of people washing their cars weekly this could cause an ecological problem. That is why waterless car washes are eco friendly.

Second most waterless car wash products extend the eco friendliness by using ingredients that are gentler to the environment than traditional car shampoos. Furthermore, a few of them are even marketed as containing plant derived materials.

Waterless Car Wash Products are the new “green” products in automotive car care.

There are several advantages to waterless car washes over normal car shampoo.

1. Waterless Car Wash Products are “green”

As discussed above, washing your car with these products saves the environment in several ways. Since green is in right now you’ll be proud of yourself into caring for our polluted planet.

2. Waterless Car Wash Products are light on the wallet

The first thing people think about green products is that they are expensive. You’d be surprised at how much you can save by completely switching your car care products to a waterless car wash system.

3. Waterless Car Washing equals times save

Washing your car with waterless car washes simply saves time. You don’t have to untangle your garden hose and roll it back up after you are done. You do not have buckets to deal with and water to dispose off. A typical complete wash down, shampoo, rinse, dry process will take an hour. This can reduced to fifteen minutes using a waterless car wash.

4. Waterless Washing is convenient

Because most waterless products do not require water think of how convenient it would be for you. Think Hard. No Water. That means that you can get to “wash” your car without being wet! You can wash your car anywhere! You can even park it in your living room and waterless wash it without having to worry about flooding the house.

This convenience is probably the number 1 reason why waterless washing has become so popular. You can do it everywhere and if does not take up much of your time. Think about making your car go from drab to fab just in the time it takes for you to finish a cigarette!

5. Waterless Carwash is a 4-step process rolled into 1

Because the method on which waterless washing relies on is but a single step you save so much time. What traditionally was a four step system of hose down, car shampoo, rinse and dry will be a one step wipe with these products. Do they work? Yes! And they work very well.

Best Waterless Car Wash Brands

Optimum No Rinse

Technically not a purely waterless washOptimum No Rinse is quite popular among car detailers. You do need water with it but you need so little. An Optimum No Rinsebath requires only 2 ounce to 2 gallons of water compared to the 50 to 100 gallons it takes to hose down a vehicle. (30 ml of ONR mixing ratio of 8 litres of waters comparing 200 - 400 litres of water use to flushing yr car)

Aside from being eco friendly on its water saving, Optimum No Rinse gives your car a slick, wax like, finish that is very pleasing to the eye. This high tech wash has high tech polymers that bond to the paint to protect it in amazingly the same wipe where it takes out grease and grime. Now that’s a revolutionary product.

a good bath for this stallion

hmmmmm 2 bucket?

where & when u encounter your limitations no splashing of running water & hosing allowed in the covered car park

my solution is diluting ONR optimum no rinse wash 1 ounce to 2 gallon of water 3 caps to 8 litres of water