December 9, 2011

car flood rescue - interior detailing by MUYO

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Good day,

a friend of mine called me up ask me to detail his brother's car. unfortunately i heard a bad news from him, the car interior was fully flooded badly due to heavy rain at Bedok Reservoir Street @ Singapore. the only thing his brother can do is use a cup to scoop up the water and dry it with a cloth. however when he deliver the car to me after 2 weeks time when the incident happened, i still find the carpet is wet and the underneath carpet's fiber are full of dirty water (air longkang) and imagine it has been there for 2 weeks? the interior definitely have a strong odor smell which i cant tolerate.

Some news from STOMP - STOMP - Singapore Seen - Heavy rain leads to floods in eastern region of S'pore

all the way from Singapore

check this out, water beading comes from the carpet

nope, its actually flooded. dirty water aka longkang stain all over the carpet

major surgery begin, using the right tools to take out the seat


the front seats and console taken out

the back seats too

after every necessary parts been removed, its time to check out whats inside.

luckily didnt find any fish/frog inside


and more

mini swimming pool?

metal rusted only in 2 weeks!

carpet take out for a wash

clean all the dirty water from the fiber

how to clean?

OPC to clean



close up shot

move to clean all the console/plastic part

using 1 product to clean all the way, the Optimum Power Clean

turn this

to this

how? just simply dilute OPC to suit your needs and start brushing.

the interior metal parts are also clean and dusted

after the cleaning/drying done, its time to install every parts include the carpet.

better than new?

carpet cleaning process

-rinse down
-OPC diluted 1:2
-brush gently
-rinse down
-took 1 day to dry
-used Febreze to kill odor smell

-quick wipe down with Opti-Clean
-protected with Leather Protectant

4 products to finish this job, time spent 7hours w/o drying

thanks for reading.

Seven dust Detailing - another extreme make over by Erik

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

taking pleasure to share with you one of my latest student work

My heart felt congrats to Erik

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Default Bringing the shine back to the Mazda MX5

Hello everyone!. As the title says, this was indeed a major challenge for me to restore the shine back to this 90's Mazda MX5 as the paint was heavily oxidized and neglected by the previous owner. This is by far, my longest detailing task to date. Here's how the car looked like upon arrival:

Notice the lack of gloss and shine?. The paint also appeared dull, weathered and pretty oxidized.

A closeup of the surface condition:

and of course RIDs

But that was the least of my headaches once i saw these marks all over the car:

Notice the white-ish patches on the front bumper between the logo and the signal lights? That's right folks, its caused by them car covers. KC has documented this in his blog :Car detailer: Water Damage from Car Cover - Rewritting History by KC

To make things worse, this car has totally lost its clear coat.

You'll soon see why these stains are by far one of the hardest to get rid off. Now onward to the path of restoring :D . Started the body wash with a mix of car shampoo and degreaser ,and followed by clay. Then i moved on to the rims. Didnt take any photos of the rims because the owner just had them changed very recently.

The white-ish streaks/marks were from the degreaser.

The petrol cap area before:

After 4 minutes of OPC and very minor agitation with a soft brush:

Now moving ahead with the paint correction process. Did a 50/50 shot on the test area:

50/50 on the hood:

A few hours later, i completed compounding the hood :) Pretty satisfying results, aye?

Now here comes the headache...remember the white-ish stains caused by the car covers? well here's how it looks like even after compounding the boot:

After hours of more compounding and advice from KC, here are the results.. g ggone! (pardon the splatter marks on the rear window)

The roof wasn't spared of the stains too :(

Removed the hardtop as it would be easier for me to work on and after hours of pushing on , voila! (i didn't have space to keep the roof, so i had to keep it in the house hehe)

Closeup shot of the crisp reflection:

Now that the roof has been sorted out, moved to the rear panel which seemed to be the worst part that got affected by the carwash:

After compounding magic:

Before calling it a night, i wanted to do a 50/50 of the doors. Here's the test area before:



Was already dead tired at this point and called it a night. The next morning, i continued on with the rest of the body panels starting with the rear bumper. Now when working on plastic parts like the bumpers, you really really need to becareful or else you might end up burning the paint.

midway working on the bumper:

after the exterior was done,it was time to coat the car with none other than Opti Coat 2.0. Special thanks to Muyo for sacrificing your Opti Coat to me :) thanks bro!

The following morning, i did the interior. Stains on seat:

After vacuuming and OPC-ed the seats:

Remember before? :

Now: (pardon again the missing hardtop)

More after shots:

After 3 days and lots of sweat and tears it was finally completed :D. Thanks to KC and Muyo for their words of wisdom! Thanks for looking guys! Cheers! - SevenDust a.k.a Erik