December 24, 2009


Honda Accord - Detailer Installed Swirls and Holograms

My good friend was supposed to detail this Honda Accord for the owners wedding but unfortunately he was out of the country at that time. So the owner ended up sending his car to a 'detailer' and this was the result........

this is what happend when some irresponsible person handle rotary irresponsibly

Why, why, why??? I asked. I was informed that this 'detailer' showed him some Meguiar's products which he 'used' so he thought it should be ok. If this was a cheap job, it would still be bad but this 'detailer' also charged him quite a bit of money to hack up his car. That goes to show, never judge a detailer by the products used or the prices charged. The best way is always from the work that the detailer has done before.i Always quote to all my fellow detailer esp Malaysia forum is of no use......"Show me your work!".

Let your work walk the talk .....otherwise Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So a date was set and the car was booked in for a correction of a correction.

for rest of it pls feel free to view at

courtesy of Master seech

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