sheer of driving pleasure

on arrival both me & daniel

admiring this E90 325...yummy

great looking

closer looks

hmmmm - some issue of swirls, water marks, RIDs here there
on the hood

presumely wash by road side under a hot sun & heat ( wtare birth is birth forth)

sheer of driving pleasure???
deeper scratches

paint chipped (as your car paint is about 6th/100th part of an inch)

sheer of driving pleasure???

only a 2 years old ride but ages 5 times the dirt

the amount of dirts stick & stay on to the safety belts

sheer of driving pleasure???


pleanty of stains & dirts

pls observe carefully

sheer of driving pleasure???
the amount of contaminations & oil ages & dull th looks, if this is not care fequently
it will be more resilient to scuff & scratches

look again

sheer of driving pleasure???
close up inspections
well hidden dirt

power clean

sheer of driving pleasure???

shoe scuff sole marking

all power begin

moving to exterior complete cleaning (step one begine) WASHING & thorough clean with power clean OPC 1:3, OPC 1:5

power clean fuel cap area -

power clean side steps

power clean door trims

power clean emblem

power clean logo

power clean on brake light

power clean - door jams area

are u ready? shock to see the amount of dirt for a 2 yrs old ride

now you dont

now you see- well hidden (many would have choose to close one eye & walk away) but if you are the owner I bet you will clean this area thoroughly

you wanna challenge (please be advise - the following picture contains very distrubing contents - pls choose to walk away or continue to find out the truth)

close up before

arm rest

sheer of driving pleasure???still

close up after

the secret is

power clean 1:3 dilutions

a 50/50% comparrision

more stains

foot compartment area

a pity looking centre back console

sheer of driving pleasure???

can you se a happy face now

before -stains

after - power clean

Carpet secret antitode

agitate with power clean

brushes away

move on to engine compartment
unattractive & not a rewarding area to detail

full of dirt & dust

very messy

oils sluds here there

beneath the hood
spots from the unwashed cleaner or so



absorber mounts before

detailienised now

Just with one & only - all power powerrful

ta da after Power clean


full of brake dust


power cleanning

polymer at work _ encapulating the dirt

ta da'
after detailienised


__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

After body preps (now close up inspection)

swirls is everywhere

more hairline marks

more stains & paint damaged

sheer of driving pleasure???

rids aka random isolated deep scratches

sheer of driving pleasure???
deeper scuff

ta da after Optimum double sided wool / foam pad - OHC & OHP

deep deep scratches before

after detailienised

deeper rids (finger nails scuff)

before ( fingers nails scuff removed)
after detailienised

hologram on the door before - from the previous detail??

after detailienised



remember before

after detailienised


after detailienised

ta da' 50/50

before lots of paint issue - such as RIDS, Swirls from road side washing, water marks ( water droplets dry under the sun)
sheer of driving pleasure???

look again at the amount of imperfections paint removed

did you notice, that there is layer of clear being removed (after compounding )

not advisable to do it annually or too often - as the thickness of your car coat is only as thick as a paper

see again

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

interior cleaning
before - sheer of driving pleasure???

after detailienised


before seats

fit for the king

remember this


before ( side steps ) shoe scuff & dirt stains



after detailienised

foot rest - sheer of driving pleasure???

after detailienised - definitely yes



t a d a

engine compartment after detailienised

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

do you remember this

ta da

again this

ta da

some finishing pic
sheer of driving pleasure
ta da


sheer of driving pleasure
ta da

pls enjoy the reflective pictures (with definations)

sheer of driving pleasure

ta da

sheer of driving pleasure
mirror finish

sheer of driving pleasure
interior detail

protected with leather protectant

happy face

door panel


cabin crew cross check

mirror finish

now the true sheer of driving pleasure

now that you have been exposed, trained & equipped - in making yr UDM ultimately a sheer driving pleasure

the steering is in yr hand - make yr choice wisely & make it different (enjoy yr journey)

I found my Sheer driving experience