June 4, 2010

How to Fix a Scratch on a Car

scratched remover - Meguiars M 105

Step-by-step car detailing making available to you from proper washing techniques to polishing instructions to protecting your car , we hope you would be able to find everything about top quality car care here, as we have found too.

I received a distress call from my friend that someone knock & scratched his front fender & get away.......Ok ...i will come.....step one "giving hope to others is a powerful thing"

closer pics

ta da....hand polish off with M 105

M 105 ( a professional body shop range product)
followed by M 205 another pro body shop range product - to smooth out the coarse surface

-__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

another irritating things...when some icthy fingers damage

its kinda sick thing

ta da....after hand polish off with M 105

June 3, 2010

Mercedes E 300 just detail in 50 minutes & challenge by mother nature threat

I only had 50 minutes to detail this 21 yrs old Merz E 300
how to prepare it for a royalty ride

i just recovered from a fever for 4 days, the same time 2 days ago, my friend requested me to help him to detail his ride before fri....I say YES

my fever just left in midnight....feeling weak the whole day & i say i might not be as peak as i will be but nevertheless...i will try my best to complete my task with JOY.....

came....wash...clay.....clean the paint & seal & wax...50 minutes later

ta da

how i did it? wonders

only with this help
_________________________excerpt from the owner post-------------------------------

an evening detailing class by KC
Share your tips to keep those rims and paintwork shiny !!
Postby Mr n Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:55 am
Met KC for the 1st time yesterday evening in Subang to have my exterior detailed since it has not been waxed for more than 6 months.
Also wanted to buy 4 Litres of the ONR Wash for my personal use + some high quality microfibres :-)

My thought was since I do need to have the car wax anyway, might as well get KC to get some professional advice,service,products and hands on knowledge.
Cakap banyak pun bosan kan..? SO, below are the pics AND any questions I suggest that KC share with us his expert experience & knowledge.

Pre Wash