September 29, 2010

BMW E60 Hacked by dealership prior delivery by Detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Its unbelievable & shockening

My friend just got the Ultimate Driving Machine, 4 months ago.....from the local BMW distributor...called me over to help him to detail his ride, my apologies for the delay As my whole family has chicken pox, was boiled down in ferrying them here there for medical attention & care taker ….

Upon arrival ……CSI begins
My friend invited 3 of his buddies over to look see (aka to learn & pick up as much knowledge in car detailing from me like a small crash course) but some how they became a witness of what is about to take place…..

(Hopefully I will not be the victim of which “ the witness became ACCUSSED”)

I believe strongly in EMPOWERING we can’t be there forever to help or assist, therefore every owner should rise up & take their places & position of the right care

Looking great from a distant again..

Black is the most obvious colour you ever want to find fault....

Initially, my friend asked me to come over to do my prep on his new ride, perhaps just a wax & interior dressing…....kinda of light detail...
I have been delaying my detailing schedule for him for weeks, sorry about it buddy.
As this ride was not detailing prior anyone before, so the most obvious was... done by the local BWW distributor & it was hacked......

kindly look beyond the tunnel...there is light there & found my friend car paint damaged.....HOLOGRAM ALL OVER THE RIDE
How can such an incident happen, to such a reputable distriibutor???????@#!$%^&&@*(@ opps..that is just alienation language...

I guess both the owner & the distributor is not aware of this....
that the car was obviously sent to some detailing shop, having untrain & unskillful staff to handle....

Now my question is this ? How can such detail inflict the buffing trails damaged on the paint & got paid & WALK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this consider aa broad day light robbery!!!!

if this ride was deliver under the sun.....ta da ...many issue was raise

My neighbour who happen to sell car, they do not dare to deliver BLACK during noon....pls find out your self!!! its kinda weird....ppl think by applying a layer of wax , could cover its defect

front left bonnet ....swirls

Ta da
another magic, bird dropping etched on the paint

how can the BMW dealer...deliver such ...a hacked car

many people purchase the car, technically they are the onwers but does the takes the ownership????

50/50% area set

kindly pls take a last look

ladies & gentleman
let me present you another

look at the before


remember before


another galaxies far far away

or the HACKED side

Final inspection

from this

a prefect 50/50 % comparission before
defect & scratches

after ...restored


check this out

another mirror shine


after M 105 LC CCS Cutting pass & IPA wipe down

once upon a time
Far far away

Extreme close up

moving on to the interior

after engine detail

corrected side
door panel

Elegantly detail

front interior

what do u see now

mirror mirror on the wall

who has the fairest & swirl free of all???

me ???

finishing pics


good looking ultimate driving machine

As promised to my buddy, i would write up, the routine care for the car....

1. there is no PHD required, just some patience & plenty of PASSION
2. weekkly wash
3. montly Wax
4. avoid road side car wash, if you dont have the time, leave it till you have the slot of a wash...better late than never
5. interior - bi weekly wipe down with damp microfibers & bi monthly condition it with the gold class conditioner....apply sparingly & spread evenly & buff off

avoid...oily drop on the leather surface - the number one Enemy of leather, wipe off immediately.. straps all your children & baby in the proper seats...but does not apply for your mature family ya

6.dust the carpet weekly...if there is soil soak on to it...clean it with damp cloth & let it air dry..

any stains canbe avoided by your quick respond...pls avoid coffee & tea..stained drinks in the pls dont drink drive

love her like youself & she will be failtful to run for years to come

Have lots of fun & congrats for you have taken OWNERSHIP of the car
to my beloved & dear buddy you are the most passionate owner i ever meet

:lol: 8) :cry:

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how to clean car oxidise rubber lining by Detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

QUOTE(Jarod @ Sep 27 2010, 01:12 PM)
need some advice. should i wax my new car? my fren told me new car no need to wax but i thot wax is to protect the paint since my car is park under the sun most of the time.

YES ....did your friend also tell u to repaint every 2 years or so????...wax is to protect your clear coat - clear coat is to protect your paint
if yr wax wear out from the sun & heat....your clear there to protect yr paint....when it wear down yr paint will be oxidize

NEW CAR doesnt mean no all depends.......i have corrected many car that is new...but not really
this new

suggest u a weekly wash & monthly wax

ONR wash test
ONR WASH test on the new NISSAN shyphl

Ultimate OPTI COAT - ed

eg look at this GTi ..brand new to read more link here

bro kc2,

im amazed with the detail and kudos to u for sharing!

would appreciate if you could give me an advice on how to clean the plastic cover on power window panel and radio. it seems that the stain/patches wouldnt go away - embedded some sort. any product u recommend?

and one more thing, my roof liner also got some black spots near the window.. it seems becos i like to drive my car with windows down. the material is like cotton. tried using a brush + soap and wet vacuum but again.. i wouldn't go away.

appreciate if you could help me go thru dis. thanks alot in advance

algae stains

window lining
user posted image
window lining

user posted image

on the roof lining
pic before
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image

ta da my magic portion
user posted image

pic before

user posted image
user posted image

on the roof lining
pic before
user posted image
TA DA pics
user posted image

plastic is very tedious ...maybe u can try plastic X

have fun detailing