It has been quite a while since I posted....the last time I did was last year

Been too busy travelling around & we just celebrated our Grand ma 90th birthday...had a great time catching up with all my uncle & aunt...
came back from all over the world.

the moment i reach home - I did another detailing marathon 2 days 26 hours of detailing over 2 cars

Still recovering from a fall, slipped & fell wearing a worn out crocs during washing my car. Right elbow hurts & worse i dint let it recover

We have to take pretty much precaution, when working with a power tools or during detailing.

couple of months ago i nearly lost my right i was caught by the pad on the spindle on my sleeves, burn a chunk of my left arm
what happen was I conducted a hands on detailing clinic for BMW car club & while having late lunch at 4pm, my buddy who got his E 90 asked me to help him to detail his ride
without considering much , I says 'yes' as Seech was coming along - and later the day i got so tired...& restless

I forgot to turn off the spindle caught, while resting on my left arm & trying to buff of the polish residues, just a few seconds - Seech was helpless
Thank God! Miracle came & after many tries the rotary went off

So this is a reminder to all of us :- be careful when working with a power tools, as this is not a toy

after a long 5 months waiting, finally i managed to slot in for my buddy to get his ride finish

Not too bad - no signs of water marks baked resurface[/img]

1st time it came in...some pictures recovered from a faulty Memory card...evidently enough t show u the stains

many has similar experience but resorted to be repainted...

to

But 'Do u still remember the story "for it takes a deaf frogs to succeed"