February 7, 2010


What magic can do do to get this to ride transformed to show room condition?
pics befor

some extreme close up pics on these corroded paint....

Pics of roof before

ta ta ta ta ta


more pics before
Pics before the bonnet

ta ta tata ta tata
another extreme make over
pics after

Pics before


wow....is this magic? how did i do what i did?

would u pay me a million to learn how i did it?

look again

no secret
I tried to detail this with my ROB(rotary Orbitor Buffer) & wasted 6 hours & get no where
6 months ago....I gave my prescription to be repainted
and so it was last month

ma ma mia great looking ride again

but today when i saw her under the sun .....another HACK JOB by the paint shop

more abuse

more abuse

they collect $$$ & hacked yr new paint job & ask for more $$$$ to get in fix

i was shocked & speechless

more pics

I dont....i will...not.... and compromise ...to a detailer this is consider a paint defects....the real cause N syntoms is this was done in a wrong hand & with a wrong thecniques n& some very dirty Buffing pads & low grade products

[I]i dont believe we should lower our expectation inorder to get correction....in this case paint shop should be setting the standard[/I]

[B]now its time we Malaysian to know what is paint defect - aka Hologram, swirls[/B]

schedule for this correction (detailing) in 60 days time, as this is a new paint
need time to cure

stay tune

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