August 29, 2009

Proton Wira waxed & transformed

Another Timely Rescue for this ride

This Proton is about 8 years old & the last time that the owner had it waxed & details was years ago. Thank goodness, the clear coat is still around but there is also lots of scratches all over the car. I gotten my 1st megs Solo sys for this occasion.

Once i pick up my Solo set, i sped home to clean, prep, polish & wax her with Solo M86

Timely Rescue for this 1 year old ride

2 bucket wash
Eagle one vinyl protector on Tyres
Claying with Aggressive clay & Last touch (m155)

Solo sys + Burgundy wool pad + polishing pad
+ M86

NXT 2.0

when i highlighted this scratches to her, she say its a good place to hold boxes while reaching out for keys

heart paint

plenty more marks, but i accidentally deleted

Meg's CAR CARe (you're the Best)

C- Caring
A- Always
R- Reach
E- extra miles

i love the reflection

Thank for taking time for viewing ya

feed back & comment always welcome

August 28, 2009

wax persona proton

Timely Rescue for this 1 year old ride

2 bucket wash
Eagle one vinyl protector on Tyres
Claying with Aggressive clay & Last touch (m155)

Megs Step 1 - Paint cleaner

Megs Step 2- Polisher

NXT 2.0

this is interesting, because, consumer range product used for detailing this ride :-

Meg's CAR CARe (you're the Best)

C- Caring
A- Always
R- Reach
E- extra miles

paint above contamination pick up along the way

Wheels before cleaning

Wheels cleaned

Finger nails mark (obviously is left by the owner mrs )
Driver Side Door jam nails mark

after detailed

Stubborn stain on the paint work

Stubborn stain removed by Step 1 (paint cleaner)

Some shoe sole marks

tatatatatatatatata (anthem)
for a detailed ride

Look at the colour

look at the reflection

beautifully yours

Nice reflections

I like this

look like a brand new paint

Thanks Barry & the team who is working hard to develop such a good product

Feed back & comment are always welcome

Thanks for viewing

August 27, 2009

Civic Vtec polishing

Civic, Perfecting the Honda
this is a 3 years ride, waxed twice through out her life time, when it came to me, the paint was quite dirty, plenty of water marks & some deep scratches & swirls

2 bucket wash

APC for rims, door trims & engine

Eagle one vinyl protector on engine

Autoglym interior for interior detailed

Autoglym carpet cleaner for seat & arm rest

Claying with Aggressive clay & Last touch (m155)

M 86 with Solo burgundy wool Pad (KBM)

M 86 with Flexi Orange pad

NXT 2.0

UQD as last touch (m135)

water marks accumulated

deep scratches probably by man best friend

scratches remove & corrected


after engine was & detailed

wow......was his reaction

SOLO's sys works for this civic

thanks for has been a great pleasure to do it with Solo

feed back & comment are always welcome


Ultimate quick Details vs Polishing oils

Great war begun
M 80 Vs D151

After reading Tim write out on D151, i cannot resist, but acquiring a gal of it.
Almost instantly the next day, i use it on detailing Our church Van...
it almost done all job (as this is a AIO)
Thanks to tim

it was about 11 pm yesterday, i hurried to finish some of my house chores prior doing my experiment

bring everything out to my front porch...lights, extension, Makita.....foam pads ..M80 & D151

light swirls only see under lighting

a closer pic, swirls & minor hologram present

50/50 side preparing for war

M80 will be on this left side

getting ready for D151 (test area)


after D 151 applied

D151 at work

this side is done with M80

this side is done with D151

choose which side u prefer

as you can see the D151 has lesser hologram compare to M80

D151 side

M80 side

Can u distinguish, the depth of one side vs another

amother D 151 side

Conclusion, the M80 is good, some swirls & hologram removed(some patches of cloudiness) existed but comparing to D151 side, it has the colour depth, lesser Swirls & hologram

probably i use more pressure on D151 side, as it is AIO, contain Aluminum Oxide, Polish oil & wax. Should have done with a few more passes (it is already 11pm, i tried not to wake any of my neighbours up)

D 151 definitely is my choice (as M205 is not available yet in Malaysia) a quick, reliable & effective details,,,