November 11, 2009

I did not asked for this

This 2 months is the most craziest & busiest month for me, having to go for church camp, planning for a Major outdoor event for our Church Family day & going away for a break.....

in the midst of all these, some irresponsible driver, gave my ride a little scratch
I was upset (but would be very very upset if I do not know Meguiars) .....i only had 2 hours last weekend to correct my paint, as rushing back from meetings & going out for dinner

some pics to share with you.....quite a long mark on my CC...thanks to M80 who came to rescue

Menu for the day

2 bucket wash -
Megs M80 with CCS cutting /r/speed1-2.5
Megs M80 with CCS polishing /r/speed1-2
Megs 205 by Hand
Megs NXT2.0
Megs UQD

Heart breaking

;-( my sad face

Many years ago when i scratch some paint , i stop & left a note to be contacted & return upon her call to apologies ...but nobody left anything for me

my hearts restores as seeing restored