September 11, 2009

my magic portion

Some of the magic Portion for transformers

September 8, 2009

Kenari Black detailing

This was the 2nd ride i did last Sunday, after taking oldest princess out & while she is having her afternoon naps, i quietly taking my Gadgets wife saw me, with Jerry's eye, as though i am like Jerry bringing the chunk of cheese walking in front of the cat....LOL.....

'here she goes walking down the street, singing, du-a dee dee dum dee dee du'

Finally got time to detail my own ride, a long overdue, she is 9 years old OEM paint, park 12 hours outside without covering, spicing up together with the strongest ACIDIC rain (in the world) & oven hot temperature is baking our ride daily ( KFC-ing) ....equator line...

it was this rides make me start detailing and enjoying it more

Menu for this ride
2 bucket wash
APC on all wheel
Eagle one on tires
M 80 with ccs white polishing pad
last touch with M135 (UQD)
M- patience


swirls u dont like to see on your ride


paint imperfection

4 hours later

closeup pic

feeling like falling in love with her and again

another spot

reflecting the details of her paint

falling in love with her all over again

humming 'it might be you'-Stephen Bishop

i just love Megs M80 depth



mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all

Knock Knock, here comes my princess, she is suppose to be on her bed, but came down looking for daddy, can't even resist the mirror

Some day light picture, but very early ones, as need to catch a train to work

sorry guys, no sunlight pics yet, as i don't see pretty much of sunlight in working days, as leaving behind

i just love M80

yes M80 does it all

try it out & have fun

even passer by stop & kept their eyes on my new ride

thanks for taking your precious time to view

comment & feed back is most welcome