January 21, 2010

Why the need for car care?

Why the need for car care?

How often have you heard, “Oh, the rain will wash the car for me” or “Why bother washing when it will get dirty again?
Well, we believe that caring for your car’s paintwork is as important as regular servicing. Our car’s engine oil needs to be changed periodically, did you also know that our car’s paintwork have to be waxed periodically?
New engine oil has better lubricating and protective qualities. So does a new coat of wax, periodic polishing and waxing not only helps to maintain a healthy shine on the paint, it also prevents the need for a costly respray in the future.
Today’s event will demonstrate to you the five basic steps of paint care that can be easily practiced by anyone!

Five Steps of Paint Care

Step 1: Washing

Washing the car removes loose contaminants from the paint such as road grime, traffic film and bird droppings.
It is best to use a pH-Neutral car shampoo as it will not harm the paint and is also gentle on waxes.

Using a wash mitt instead of a sponge or a cloth creates a buffer zone to prevent dirt and grit from scratching the paint during the wash.
Wash at least once a week to prevent contaminants and dirt from bonding to the paint which will require paint claying and polishing to remove.

January 20, 2010

Charity detailing & detailing clinic

wanna to learn about rotary


I was moved when my fellow detailing buddy decided to organiszed a detailing session for some vehicles belonging to Yayasan Sunbeams home last Sunday the 17th of January 2010. Invitations were sent out to anyone who wanted to help out for a good cause and also learn more about detailing at the same time, open invitation was sent out to various forum members & car clubs
as we invited Some hardcore detailing gurus and other detailing professionals to help out and answer any of your detailing questions.

Don't have a lot of pictures to share with you as we had to get 4 full size vans and one car done in half a day.

Detailing your car vs respraying

I received another distress call from my Mechanic

as his car cant be sold as the paint work on the roof is 'dead' aka heavily severely oxidizes, the buyer refute the buy till this is resprayed. He actually contacted the body shop, last week when i was drop by his place, i suggest
'why not let me to resurrect it'

this was the 5th ride, after we detail 4 full size passenger van.......in 4 hours

''Dead paint'' aka ''heavily severely oxidizes''

thanks God all of my fellow fanatics detail was there side by side to goes thru this togather
Dead paint aka heavily severely oxidizes

ta ta ta to here

the front hood was not so bad but some spider attacked & left some signature there