Neunelfer of Stuttgart, Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche ..... aspired in making competition car...changing the skyline of automobiles

but then came starbucks, the accidental hero....

the Carrera model had a 0.30 Coefficient of drag.

The 1st water-cooled model known as the 996,making a major leap for Porsche,

although many of the traits that defined the 911 during past decades still remained

Lets read on

a well hidden front compartment for spares

dirt accumulated in under the hood ....

before angry

you can believe this

angry birds

lots of treasure hidden beneath

lets get to work - brushes is the excellent help to ease when using vacuum....they simple brushes up those dirt & sand that is well hidden in the carpet fibers

ehmm....unattractive place to detail

the hero

starbucked - the Porsche interior

along all the way

right from the top....evidently how it began


we presume that the previous owwner actually had his latte spilled while trying to negotiate in "Nürburg-Ring"
BTW Nürburgring is a motorsport complex was built around the village of Nürburg, Germany. A Grand Prix race track..

newton laws saying everything goes up must comes down - but not with a cup of latte in a porsche - 4S

dull - unattractive leathers...cost more than RM 22k or USD 7k to replace (Napa wrap)

lets get into operation Theater

more stains on the passenger side

built up stains

Behind the captain wheels

Blow wind blow?
Guess what

The spider bite that gave Peter Parker his powers. Amazing power - a Fantasy #15, art drawn by Steve Ditko.

guess again

Peter Parker, is often referred to as "Spidey," "web-slinger," "wall-crawler," or "web-head."

it is the oxidized head lights & a high speed sand blasted effects

another aging side

look again

sand blasted graphics

oxdized bottom

ages the ride

- interior -

i only need 2 products for the whole interior
the almighty POwer Clean & the all interior Leather protectant

oily & slimmy feels

more stains

side steps stepped

detailing with OPC & brushes & later protected with OLP

stains before

ta da

close up before


ta da

stains before


this is what i collect from washing the front seats - 3 buckets full to be exact

during cleaning


dirt gets into your eyes

opps smokes gets into your eyes

during steam, further agitations


after steamed

more steaming

Best way to clean - to sanitized the interior - cleaning up the or dour

the rear starbucked area

ta da

fitly carpet before

the most power - almighty cleaners

agitated & steams up


after steaming - the leathers now

the star bucks area ta da

before latte stains

further - protected with OLP (the only interior Protectant against UVs)

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

just when i thougth to call it a day

the sand blasted & stone chips head lights - so obvious & ages the ride

a 50/50

oppss -

my 2" LC backing plate breaks away

look again - what is the brand do you see

now you see

the bottom tip


left side as well

left tip

it was opti coated - an additional of 3mil of clear coat is on the Head light now to protect against oxidations

ladies & gentleman - presenting to you

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

before - left side


clarity & definitions redefine again

another horse fit for the king

be my guest - looks vvery inviting as well


interior is protected & conditioned by OLP

remember this


remember the starbucked area



Now the knight shall takes his place

opssss......battery check - apparently Porsche is famous for battery drained

pana mera looks

presenting to you a Porsche 4S

thank you......for taking your time to view again

it was a great challenge to bring back this ride to pristine, so much so mentally is always at the test, pushes to every limit
both physical & emotional is stressed out + cracking is just a thin line in between, struggles with hungry & fatigue

Nothing is more challenging than the inner man fight - putting behind literary everything & just to get this job done,
I had every reason to stay home and be with my family!!! Many thanks to my wonderful beloved wife for her understanding & supports
Thank you for 4 little cards both my daughters make for me today - the most wonderful father day i ever had- You are my constant inspirations
I loves you

Went off at past midnight, had my dinner at 1.30 am & slept very little again - (only 2 nights ago) did the Eclass