October 9, 2010

OPTI COAT by detailien, bringing a decade old paint into show room condition

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb

I am fearfully & wonderfully make

1st OPTI COAT Kenari in Malaysia (bringing back a decade old car into showroom condit

What happen in the last decade?
My car just turn 10 years old this year

You can go online shopping…goggle the most powerful search engine, air ticket available online…many other things like Ebay..paypal,,,,electronic wallet….e certifications - chips implanted in dog‘s ear as identity & breed status…..

I recall E ticket was imposed - abolish all the paper ticket, which waste lots of trees
Mobile phone comes with colour Tex, 3G was introduce - video conferencing make wide avail
Car comes with internet, wireless play station, virtual Reality stuff
FLAT SCREEN - tv pc screens & now 3D Flat screen..blue ray then now 3d blue ray player

iPC , iPod - the smallest & greatest walkman, iPad - electronic hand held newspaper, iPhone - the most state of art hand phones….

After 10 years on top in the US, Toyota Motor Corp. ... BMW sales out beat in year 2005 because “the model line-up is very strong, Car Reliability rated better..who would ever imagine the German marque finally out beats the Japs..Last year's number two thus slipped one position on the top ten list. ... BMW's 3 Series has been on the top-ten list of best-selling cars in UK

GPS is widely make available, Hybrid car make avail …..watch movie online….birth of many Car detailing forum
car sealant - was make to replace carnauba wax (environmental issue)

Many of my previous waxes residues stains some of my plastic handle (at least 6 years ago or more)
ONR no rinse wash was created to counter - water wastage & disposl water issue (many of US states affected)
OPTI COAT was formulated thru the years of research & lots of testing done & now as one of the best coating available

But still my car age is a decade & so does my age plus 10...with 2 wonderful children

last night our TV2 channel show "alien vs predator"...I told my youth in the children home, this is decade old film....hmmmmm

Aliens vs. Predator, also known as Alien vs. Predator and Aliens versus Predator (all titles abbreviated AvP)As a Predator ship reaches Earth's orbit, it blasts a shaft through the ice towards the source of the heat bloom. When the humans arrive at the site above the heat source, an abandoned whaling station, they find the shaft and descend beneath the ice. They discover a mysterious pyramid and begin to explore it, finding evidence of a civilization predating written history and what appears to be a sacrificial chamber filled with human skeletons with ruptured rib cages.

Last week I met up with another former….saying that I would like to gives you a challenge

As I explaine lots of car detailing stuff to him, he understand…as he see the outcome of his car

It was his dad E class paint faded…
This was the original paint….initially he does lots of covering with PVC car covers & washes by road side car wash (this is a 8 year old car)

I went home quickly as I recall I had a similar clear coat failure on the front of my hood…as
I have waited for nearly a year to get hold OPTICOAT into Malaysia…recently we received a shipment from Doc G…

I started my wife car - detailing at 4pm ++ ended past midnight

The following event is documented properly, in sequence of thing that have taken place

Plastic handles - 1:3 water with bristle brushes
hard stains (1/2 century waxes residue) remove permanently by power clean ...neat & brushes (but many detailers prefer a super degreaser or some road side car uses even kerosene...too risky ...would u allow them to do it on yr exotics???
Kerosene, sometimes spelled kerosine in scientific and industrial usage, also known as paraffin in UK and South Africa, is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid.

recommended to apply on brushes

or micro fibers....superb strength in cleaning stains & removing stickers....most of all safe for all car surface...unlike Super engine/ degreaser or APCs

optiseal water beading & repellant on all plastic area - even after 3 months


some hards acidic stains..probably is some kinda ofindustrial cleaners

our enemy
swirls invasions


next...paint issue

my goodness.....plenty of holograms

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++
just last 2 days...i walk passed 2 Bimmers
a price tag of RM 400, 000
just wacked...like this


another close to a mil price tag car

swirls from improper washing

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++
back to my head ached

MORE head ache

ta da

close up shot of a decade old DD paint...btw our ride is park Seven 24 outside near train station

lower bonnet before..hologram attack...

Detailien phenomena (to some abductees)

cut polish & finish with ROTARY ....only with Makita 9227 & Lake country wool, Cutting & polishing

ONR wash 1 ounce 8 litre with 3 microfibers clothes (without needed of rinsing)
Clay with Mild clay (BTW this is 1st time clay in this year)
ONR wash again with 3 microfibers clothes (without needed of rinsing)

Power clean dilute 1:8 part water to clean the paint with a damp microfibers
Plastic handles - 1:3 water with bristle brushes
hard stains (1/2 century waxes residue) remove permanently by power clean ...neat & brushes (but many detailers prefer a super degreaser or some road side car uses even kerosene...too risky ...would u allow them to do it on yr exotics???

Onr no-rinse wash after every steps of corrections & polishing

IPA wipe X 2

OPTI coat on all exterior...paint, plastic, trims, glasses except tires & wipers (otherwise i would have done it)

what do you think of a decade old paint

remember this left 1/4 area...was badly hologram-ed

ta da after correction

extreme close up

side passenger door


50/50 comparison pic

it is just a wipe down of optimum hyper spray polish

moving to front left panel..badly bruised

ta da corrected pics

extreme close up pic

tada pics left side

right side

hologram attack....simply from improper handling techniques & obviously has not step down to cutting pad & polishing pad to smooth out the rough jagged paint surface ...to refining process

plastic door handle


:D :D :D :D :D

after another ONR wash & followed by IPA WIPE DOWN


carefully inspect thru any loop or holes that might have left any polish. compound residues

its time to take a shower 1st.....this already past midnight

They discover a mysterious pyramid and begin to explore it
Ladies & gentleman...it time to say bye bye to waxes

Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, aftermarket clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (measuring 9/10 on Mohs scale) and chemical etching from environmental impacts. It provides permanent protection for all factory paints and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.

Unlike factory urethane clear coats, Opti-Coat does not oxidise over time and provides permanent hydrophobic surface characteristics that release water, dirt and grime so your car stays cleaner for longer.

Opti-Coat is not a paint protection wax or sealant that will wash away, or break down over time. Opti-Coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely and will not delaminate. No waxing or polishing is required.


just before the rubber hit the road again tommorrow

extreme close up ....lited pics

the clarity restored will be coated for good

side view

it time for supper...having my favourite cup of white coffee (local blend with mixture of Arabia nuts)& cheeze biskits...

sipping my drink...smelling the aroma of the beans & looking at my decade old ride

this is a blessed life indeed

decided to view from the top

another side

roof reflections

the next day...some day light pic

reflections & gloss of a decade old paint...whom we park under the sun Seven 24...deserved a good good coat of protection...who knows it may last longer than the engine life spent

from the side

restored roof

left side


i couldnt resist ......when i saw the real deal....sunlight...esp when i cut polish & finish with rotary,,,by the way ...i did not do the final finish as i feel it prefect enough....

ta da

the car next to mine

my ride

more mirror looking paint

its a decade old DD paint in tropical country ....imagine here...is like "man vs Wild" chapter

more reflections

front side

another side of depth & reflection shown

making the other car jealous of her looks

another magnificent view

YOKOSO japan aka welcome to Japan

HOW GOOD IS GOOD? how deep is yr depth, how clear is clear, can you distinguish better from good


dangerous if left too long not attended to...birds dropping....will ecth the paint

can i say


nope it is actually 2 cars here.....side by SIDE comparison

car# 1

car# 2

car# 1

car #2

car #1

car# 2

car# 1 side close up clarity - minus the dirt

car# 2 side


car# 2

car# 1

car# 2

car# 1

car #2

car# 1

car #2

car# 1

car# 2

car# 1 reflection

car# 2 reflection

car# 1 depth

car #2 depth

check out side by side comparison

more to compare

by now you would know the answer

the car # 1 is only about 3 years old....but my ride is 10 years old

unless you spiderman yr ride

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++

the real TEST.......Man vs wild episode

after going thru the rain...very heavy ones for about close to one hour

i can see the rain just glides thru my mirror & later when i get off the car i saw lines of water glides on my paint like a non stick pans

superb water beading-water beading proves is that high surface tension

engine hood



lines of water glides on my paint like a non stick pans

1 hour later, water just dissipated on my paint like a non stick pans

hardly any water marks or stains, water dissipated on my paint like a non stick pans

water just dissipated on my paint like a non stick pans

now is dry & good to go

now alien is loosing the battle.....more cocoon is laid

more alien eggs laid

the individual eggs

more beading pics - water beading proves is that high surface tension

of all the waxes, sealant that i have try through out last decade ...none of which come close to this effect
Opti-Coat forms a permanent coating that acts as a second layer of clear coat that bonds to all surfaces. As the Opti-Coat will seal in any paint defects or contamination on the surface
Opti-Coat forms a permanent coating that acts as a second layer of clear coat, I had to try it out for myself.

Although the Opti-Coat is supposed to provide an additional layer of protection on top of the regular clear coat, what better way to try out a product that is supposed to act as an additional layer of clear coat than on a car with clear coat failure?
Mater Seech my great Buddy

Now I know why God keep it till last......it is for a times like these

uniformly & consistently

STOP for a while & - ponder
how beautiful can it be ...to be found on the DB 9, 458s,911s, Masserati , Bugati, Porsche (stay tune for more to come)


day 4

I have not wash the car


yokoso looks shot

colonial looks shots

remember this


the answer is