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Concours d'Elegance

A Competition for teams masters class cars and club displays based on originality and preparation plus shine of well details. thats the birth place of car detailing

nice classic ride but...closer look again...the paint is oxidized..and nothing much to show in d'Elegance

French meaning a competition of elegance, lit. "concourse of excellence", referring to the gathering of prestigious cars...

dates back to 17th Century French aristocracy, who paraded horse-drawn carriages in the parks of Paris during Summer weekends and holidays.Over time, carriages became horseless and the gatherings became a competition among automobile owners to be judged on the appearance of their automobiles.

but our Malaysian mentality is such, if you happen to patronized used cars, the dealer "boss new car paint, no worries cos new paint ma....saves you alot of $$$'???? really

what happen to the old....repainted cars usually does have alots of issue

such as :- if happend to patronised road side car wash..fequently

oppss!!!! hmmm does this qualify here!!!!
Commonly are held at automobile shows or after racing competitions, eg like pebble beach and Louis Vuitton Classic in midtown Manhattan

not too bad looking far away

but, under proper sunlight...ta da....swirls & paint oxidixed...

just like the classic above