August 3, 2009

Black Knight make over

My encounter with The Black Knight
I had one of the most challenging & exciting detailing task, my intention was just to detail up the paint work (4 hours) but ended up almost 8 hours.
It has been one of my most treacherous adventures:-

From a distance this black proton looks good at a glance, a closer look you see alots of paint flaws, deep scratches all over the place, cats clawed marks, water marks, spots . the black doesn't look any black anymore, more to grayish....

I started to wash & soak the car with a stronger detergent, trying to get rid of any wax residue or dirt, while i clean the engine compartment (it look like the engine was not cleaned since 3 years) while the engine & rims is being soak in multi action cleaner, i rinse off the car body.

This dirt & grease shun people from touching the engine compartment

then i started to clay section by section of every part of car body, Tar soiled mark mostly at the lower panel of the doors, there are many paws, domestic tiger(called CAT), claws was all over the place, birds dropping found on the roof, I presume these little tiger actually went up to
prowls on them.....

domestic tiger claws the most dangerous (xtremely acidic to the car paint)

the owner 6th finger nails marks at door jams.

Later i felt like opening a cans of worms, as i begin to clean the interior with the MAC & detail with the Meguair's gold class interior detailer, I discover there is lots of marks & stain in the boot as well.

pre-soak with MAC & mats has to be removed for interior cleaning

newly interior details, glowing like new

Just when i thought i could go the the main thing, polishing (that was what i am suppose to do) i discover the front left bumper was out of place, so i help him to re-adjust the bumper alignment (as there is a very bad knock on the lower left bumper) I spent another 1 hour,
beginning to tape

look like a rally car

see the different

wow, plenty of swirls, all over the cars, the owner only realized when i pointed out to him. i started to do a test area 1st, with Mequairs M105 ultra compound with lake country yellow pads, minimized almost all spiderwebs.....

i did the KBM method at 1st, was intro by Master Seech, although is effective, but pads need to
be cleaned regularly,

later I switched to a wool pad for better cutting power for the swirls on the bonnet with Mequairs M105 ultra compound, follow by ccs yellow foam pads with Mequairs M105 ultra compound and CCS lake country white foam pads Mequairs M105 ultra compound.
Polish with Meguairs M80 polish with soft pads & finish off with Hand buff Meguairs NXT 2.0 sealant wax & ultimate Quik Detailer

very impressive finishing with M105

'tired but satisfied'

The owner told me its like driving a new car without the installment

p/s I was too tired to take more pics as both my daughters is waiting for to go for dinner...

Thanks to Seech & Samuel for sharing M105, Sifu Fishbonez & Zey for all the encouragement & guidance

P/s although my back is aching but my spirit is strengthen.

pls feel free to drop your comment & opinion