October 21, 2010

Wheels detailing - simple as 123

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Cleaning the wheels
Is cleaning wheels important in car detailing

Imagine if we have an expensive set of specially flown in wheels on our car, we'll want to give those wheels the proper maintenance as they need to stay good & making their look last. a fully clean wheels will make them look like a showroom condition
Sometimes wheel cleaning is quite a chore and can be very dangerous. without damaging them or ourselves, and without spending all day on them. Wheel detailing can be an easiest part to do or it can be a nightmare as well. Needless to say our feeling if we have our wheel damaged by these harsh chemical or got hurt by one before. Many detailers have always been deathly afraid of wheel acids. They are harsh products which are dangerous to the wheel and to you if used incorrectly cos is it really ACID! with a picture of skull & cross bones on it back label. Its eats away items in its path

a damaged wheels

Also if you have ever spent 20 minutes trying to get ONE wheel clean, it’s extremely frustrating. So how can we make wheel cleaning safe, yet fast and effective?

is it necessary to use of acid or harsh cleaner inorder to gets our wheels cleaned?????
the reason why our wheels damaged is “instant gratification”. Many detailers just want to spray a product on, and rinse it off, and expect to have wheels that look like new. This is a main reason for detailers to choose extremely harsh wheel cleaners and to barely dilute them. They figure the stronger the chemical, the better the wheels will come out. They also spray wheel cleaners on a very hot wheel. We all know that heated cleaning is better than cold cleaning, but in the case of wheels, a cool, wet wheel is what you need to begin with. The heat and dryness of a wheel will make the cleaner react far quicker and do its damage much faster. Also, because some detailers want to rush through the job, they spray “all 4 wheels” at once and let the product sit on them. This will also quickly lead to etched and damaged wheels. You need to be smart and realize this is not a good idea
Many wheel cleaner product are make of Hydrofluoric acid. This is one of the MOST dangerous form of acid in the makert. imagine just a 50% solution of Hydrofluoric acid can kill you if inhaled directly or is spilled on you. HF will only lightly burn your skin but the real problem comes later. It wants your bones! It seeks the calcium in your bones and in your blood! HF spilled on your skin may require calcium gluconate gel or an injection to replenish the calcium and ward off the effects those HF acid causes. Its calcium eating ability is why HF is a popular choice in concrete cleaners. and yet many car detailing shop (included road side car wash ) still using them

but as for me I rather choose safety.....quick & easily maintain
not too bad from a distance but...

ASBESTOS PRECAUTIONS The best way to avoid asbestos dust is not to create it. Never use compressed air or dry brushing for cleaning brake dust from brake
Article abstract from Brake pad box - Metal King inc
my magic portion again...the blue alien eggs juice wash

The good news is maintaining yr precious wheels is fairly simple. You can ensure that our custom wheels stay looking good no matter how many miles they have on them by taking just 1/2 hour weekly.

with micro fibers & ONR

wipe on wipe away

ta da

the dirt collected

wheel nut cleaning with another wheel brushes

Har stains & brake cakes on brake calliper cleaning with Power clean

now claying the rims to remove TARs

claying the outter area to pick up tar & road grim without using strong & abrasive cleaners....that may marr the clear coat of the rim

ta da what i picked up

tools i need to detail the rims...surface preparations ..prior coating

look at the dirt - brake dust -

ta da
look at the 50/50%

another eg

with onr....is it effective enough

judge for yourself

look at what have i collected

respond from one of my buddy


later it was OPti coated...for maximum protection