August 11, 2012

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Abused and Transformed

When it first came to us, it was indeed a wreck. However, is it possible to make a complete makeover? Let the story be unfolded: 

It was raining during that time,so there may be some rain drops on the car.

Close-up: Stains when it is dry. Nasty stuff and an eye sore.

We start from the rims first.

Close-up: Grease on the rims.

However, by using Alien Clean 1:3... 

50/50 by Alien Clean 1:3.

Looking much better.

Engine bay. It is important to wait for the engine to cool down first. Dirt and dust accumulated.


After: by using Alien Clean 1:3, wonders happen.

Engine completed and checked.

Close-up to make sure I didn't left out anything.

Fuel cap area before.

After using Alien Clean,

Claying is a process to remove contaminants on the car. 

Look at what I picked up from claying

After claying, we tape the car to do inspection and correction.

No swirls and RIDS and escape my Halogen light.

Closer look.

50/50 shots.

Some more 50/50:

Before: RIDS still available:


The outcome after hours of correction is like a mirror.

Moving on to the Interior is also a sore to the eye

Before: That is why some people don't put their hands there while driving.

Before: Close-up

After: Using Alien Clean as our rescuer.

Close up before:

After by using Alien Clean as our power juice.

Here is another dirty part:

Alien Clean to clean






After cleaning with Alien Clean

Cleaning with Alien Clean with alien brush





With alien juice and alien brush:


Nicer looking.

Car seats must not be abandoned as well.


Close up before:

Close-up afteR:






After. Putting on Optimum Leather Protectant for protection for leather

Finally done

Some after completing

Rear checked.

Remember when it first came to us?


And from:

To: Powerful Mercedes Benz

Time to say good bye and returning it to it's rightful owner.

Presented to you by:

It was indeed a wonderful journey. Many hours has been used to complete this beauty. Hope you enjoy this journey.