September 14, 2010

Malaysia Professional car detailing guru - by detailien

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We have been lately accused of a serious declassified issue of exposing the secrets of Do It Youself, auto detailing Tricks, Tips and Techniques from professionals and enthusiasts on how to keep your car looking great.

Remember the precious moment when got your car new and the proud feeling of able to attain her. how pristine & prefect was her then . but, however, is not like a wall painting which serves its purpose in a controlled and safe environment. It is subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and road side car abuser (giving free graffiti), all of which can affect the best look of your Ultimate ride. unless you want to keep your car in new condition just like a painting protected in a museum

We want to show you how easy effortless & effective

Not a bad looking 4 years old Toyota

daily driven never been wax nor detail before......the paint look dull, the moment you wipe across with damp feel so coarse & rough...bruises marks here there & every where..

appended below is the story of experiencer......................... "subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one’s will by apparently nonhuman entities

stains found on the emblem

more stain

more stain on silver bumper

lower bumper lid

over all looks

more rubber stains on the door handle...

unattractive paint

dull & faded looking side mirror

over view of the dull paint (engine hood)