November 16, 2010

Community Learning Centre -

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

i have been given a glimpse of the New Community Learning Centre (aka CLC) ....specially built to host & educate the special children of the Sunbeams Home

located in Taman Mastika Cheras

this is a NGO homes, was set up by a retire couple 15 years ago, who are also a dedicated house & care for the neglected & under privileged Children...many of whom comes from broken families, parents who abandon their children. Many of such has gone thru emotional & mental distress, also physically & sexually abuse

Many of these children grow struggles internally, and they wouldnt be able to speak out at all. Food & shelter does play a big part but beyond that educations & counselling ....need to comes in to support & rebuild these broken little lives again.....

back then when i was with the homes (serving for 7 years)
seen the struggles of these little lives trying to cope in Sekolah kebangsaan....& many of these children find hard to cope with, as the ratio of 1 teacher to 40 over childrens.
Home work not submitted for months, books went missing & disciplinary problems.

but today, as I went back to speak to some of these children as young as 7 years old, they are able to converse in english & read the Stars newspaper. Thank God for these volunteers & home schooling tutor for their hard work & care towards these little lives.

the resource centre...

the children in the home schooling

another class

smaller group but better attention given to the students

open class concept

the computer class area

the new assembly hall & meals area

You many stretch forth your hand by giving them in cash & in kinds, in supporting their monthly over head.....

there is an urgent need also of an Over Head Projector - children assembly & projection for songs

CCTV - 4 Camera system for security

you may reach the home directly at

Yayasan Sunbeams Home cares and provides for the orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children, and children from broken families,
irrespective of their background or beliefs.

Car Detailing without electricty & machinery - make possible by Detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Tora tora tora (トラ・トラ・トラ!)

Another adventure of German marques detailing

Restoring the pride of your ride.....without getting a hole burnt in your pocket,

Another bruised German ride - My buddy has a fleet of Germans MPV, who is a bit worn off over the years of service, many of such overseas guest & countless VIPs has sat upon. He request me to train his staff on detailing...a date set & i travelled over an hours to meet them.

stains on the German Marque emblem

REQUIREMENTS & EXPECTATIONS : full detail - both interior & exterior

SIZE : 14 seats MPV

ELECTRICITY : the nearest TNB is hundreds of metre away

LOCATIONS : Under some Yum yum tree shade, far away resort

WATER : limited supply, as we only brought 5 gallons = 19 litres

TIME : 0400 hours given they need to pick up the guest

COMPLETION : 0345 hours

the rest is history.....I nearly faint, due to my energy run out- with a minimal breakfast......while detailing this, i only realised that I just "awakening a sleeping giant" - TORA TORA TORA (トラ・トラ・トラ!)

The famous Isoroku Yamamoto's quote likening the attacks to , Pearl Harbor, as saying after his attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

scratches, by others irresponsible drivers

another door jam stains

Side steps stains

side steps before

pic before

I only carry 5 product - which one of my favourite
Power clean

diluting 1 part with 8 parts water & clean with soft bristle hai brushes & onr rinse off immediately

test area

next area side steps stains before pics


another section before

after ta da

Side steps stains

ta da

power clean 1 part : 5 parts water

sliding door jam

50/50% comparison pic
bottom clean by power clean

ta da

door jam before pics

sprayed on soft bristle hair brushes

agitation with brushes & instantly remove away by ONR

more built up stains - years of golden collection
decorating on this ride

another area

ta da

over view

another area of protection

but ended up a place of bruised & dirty

agitate by Power clean & brushes
instantly rinse with onr



close up



close up pic before

close up pic after

another side of the dirty sliding door jam

a 50 /50%

ta da

remember - how dirty it use to be


back emblem stains

crevice in-between the lower body kit

scratches on the side

stains - before

agitate by brushes

reaching hard to reach area

stains cleaning

rubber stains

how do you clean your paint.....

must send to be polished????
pics before

scratches, by others irresponsible drivers

ta da

stains on the front bonnet

cleaning with power clean

cleaning hard to reach area

plastic area

brushing off

stains on paint


rear 1/4 bumper

ta da

another side stains

ta da

more cleaning on the paint


side arch tar

MOVING on another surface preparations

wheel arch claying

look at the hidden treasure i found

RUST like stains on the paint - the owner thought that the paint rusted (but i told him - what you cant wash off but i can clay off)

the safest way to remove paint above contaminations

clay began - folded into smaller pieces - ONR as lube

the treasure i found

ta da

another hard stains look like scratch - which the owner tries to remove for a long time



more contaminations -picked up

tar picked up

i left the last part for him to detail -
now is the hands on session


ta da - i couldn't believe the amount of contaminations & stains picked up

onr wipe off

now the ride is good for sealing

my magic portions


moving to interior detailing
stains on vinyl parts - ages the ride

a 50 / 50 % agitated by Power clean

great help from this little brushes

ta da a 50 / 50 % agitated by Power clean

now a how a clean interior should look like

oily & dirty interior

power clean sprayed on the brushes

instantly remove with ONR

look at how a clean interior should look like - with dirt & grime

close up

another section of the hidden dash

usually not obvious but after detail

ta da

look at how a clean interior should look like - with dirt & grime

Vinyl engine cover



here is the overview of the 50 / 50 % comparison pic

before pics

during & agitating with power clean

seats cleaning make easy esp with this futuristic car care products

wipe away with ONR



can you see the differences


just before the time is up

now a clean & good looking ride ready to go

a detail interior, dress by leather protectant

a clean dash

ready to go

remember this


we even give a free wash for our new found friend..& wax

and even showed him how we preps his car - wash & wax in 20 minutes

cant believe only takes 7 minutes to wax the entire MPVs

thanks again for viewing

treasure our detailing-ship

Selamat Hari raya Haji to our our Muslim buddy - peace on all your journey & safe ride for those of us balik kampung