August 19, 2011

why settle for 2nd best when u can have the best - Detailing hands on clinic by KC's again

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

From ari
haha... sked la hearing all the horror stories about rotary. Though I'd start off with DA first :hmm:

I'll be doing minor corrections only, most of the time doing paint cleaning and waxing only. DA should be more suitable right? Guess I'd need some hands on time with both machines before deciding...

KC's replied
the horrror story is when u decided to gave her up for 2nd best

all u need is one in your life time & I will train u till u able to do it on yr own

guide u thru by your hand

check out some of my student detailing art

our beloved MR Muyo

all the way from KK VELOC

Josh from Ipoh

FLown in all the way from Kuching\

Many more whom i got makita & starter kit & trained - like iceman, SSMan, Liew, Alex of kuching just flown in a month ago

just thru this detailing clinic
just thru this detailing clinic

BMW CLUB detailing hands on session with KC's

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Definitely a BMW event...

i was invited to equip & and train the owner how to care for their own ride & on the spot with rotary hands on (on case study)

KC demonstrating correction and polishing with Optimum Hyper Compound/ Optimum Hyper Polish with Optimum Double Sided Wool and Optimum Double Sided Foam pad.


all begin from, minimizing the damage

imagine, we park under the convenience of shade - beneath a tree - we are bound to have the threat of Tree Saps & birds dropping
pls witness this -

over night
hard to remove OPC is the best to remove - as the polymer agitate & instant you can rinse off

ta ta clear coat

the issue here is immediate respond & minimized the damage (propose u to keep a bottle of ONR QD (quik detailer) to remove these threat

when you sent yr car to be wash, the road side fella will scup their heart of it.....

inorder to remove these (Bro Jarance pls post- all your beautiful pic ya)

a deeper paint leveling is required

ONR as lube (Abalone Mikra 2000 grit sand paper)

polish off with OPT Hyper Compound & Optimum double wool pad
finish off with optimum Hyper Polish with optimum foam pad

ta da