October 27, 2010

Good car detailer in Malaysia?????

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my friend brought up this interestingly
Btw, today was travelling along Sg Besi road when I saw this nice dark blue E92 325i coupe, but when I was alongside it, I actually cringed cos the WHOLE car was full of those buffing marks. Like the shop he sent to didn't bother removing all the holograms and buffing marks during the detailing. OMG.

Actually it's not that the shop did not bother removing the holograms and buffing marks, they most probably caused the holograms and buffing marks. Hack job....

Oh yea. That's the term. Hack job. Imagine handing over a sub-500K car to a 'reputable' detailer and end up having a car that's been badly done. Owner must've been super blind to not even notice how bad the holograms were under direct sunlight.
are u referring to these

E60 was hacked by Auto Bavaria pre delivery

another...by a body shop....3 yr old E60 just repainted last yr & was hacked after which supposedly new

and the champion of champions

happen to walk past & cant resist....OM.............

Even porsche is not spare

look at my friend ride

a close to a mil ride hacked S550

are these owners blind???????...certainly not.....but they have not been told of the TRUTH
only the truth will set you free..... Since you have....what are you doing with the truth.....we have been accused of being a truth buster...we bust all the Myths

tonight as you drive around & happen to stop behind any black car...esp new, CBU or REcond ride....let yr head lamp shine on to their paint & ...MAMAMIA....... hologram decorate all over it

many owners cares for their ride so much so, they sent to be detail but instead it was HACKED

many has forgotten http://thedetailers.blogspot.com/201...-handling.html