May 5, 2012

1 of the 44 BMW SPORTS – PERFORMANCE EDITION opti coat by KC the Detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

it was dawn of a new day 

Unique Performance Limited Edition of the 320d Sports 
only 44 units in Malaysia. 

it come with a lower profile tyres, firmer suspension set up, M door sills and M leather steering wheel, BMW Performance accent strips on each side, black front kidney grilles, Alcantara and Walkanappa leather trim on the handbrake and gear lever, and aluminium pedal pads.

Performance Limited Edition stripes

Due to both my injury, ligament tear & slipped disc ...this ride was delayed in opti coat

a twigs scratch

another long twigs scratch

all the way to the back

sadden my buddy a long time

Due to both my injury, ligament tear & slipped disc ...this ride was delayed in opti coat -

upon arrival - looking at this 19 months ride
I notice some minor rids, water marks stains on emblem & beneath and above the stripes..... emblem...the inbetween as well

some unavoidable issue in tropics - that premature kills the clear if it is nor protected

gun powder coated rims

anti rust - melts down trapping dust - incubated oily stains - if it is not remove timely it will be another permanent damage, certainly will bond into your paint & when removing years later - the thin film of your paint coat will be remove

pay attention to these greenish yellowish anti rust

the magic portion from Doc G - The all mighty OPC

soft bristle brush with gentle strokes will eliminate further damaged - scratches 

from RAGs

to riches

poor looking before

rich looking after alienised

carefully & gently restores

moving to more cleaning 

one of the most neglected area

after alienised

carefully clean on both side & check

both absorbers mount is clean 

every part & grilled is carefully clean with a little help with power clean

spent 4.5 hours in just bathing this ride
moving on to outer body decontamination

ONR as lube (the most affordable & good )

clayed pick up alots of tars & stains from both side

twigs scratches before

after paint leveled 

thanks to DOC G the most wonderful inventor & car paint scientist

without this ...i would never completes my detail


after 8.5 hours
after much paint corrected prior Opti Coat

just before the final wash

my buddy actually stayed with me for 10 hours as he witness tranformations

ta da


ta da the real 

day breaking soon

excellently looking ride for a 19 months old car

glossy paint

every area inspected carefully 

IPA applied

the special edition difusser

rear looks

ta da

the stripes is permanently protected by Opti coat
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KC, thank you for your very thorough and passionate TLC! Beautiful pictures too. She looks like she just came off the shelf once again. 
We still have to have our catch up over a proper and good makan soon. 
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Re: 1 of the 44 BMW SPORTS –PERFORMANCE EDITION E90 320d OPTI COAT - 05-07-2012, 07:47 PM
Looks great KC. How are you feeling after the back injury?

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Re: 1 of the 44 BMW SPORTS –PERFORMANCE EDITION E90 320d OPTI COAT - 05-07-2012, 07:01 PM
Great work!!

Good to read you are recovering. That can't have been any fun.

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Looks great!!!!
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Nice job and it's a diesel! My mom's Golf diesel was giving her 48mpg HWY back in 1990. Great car.

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Great job KC! Care to do another 1 of 44?

 Mine needs a restoring job from the guru like you too.

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