It has been some pain in the ass

one day my wife came home & showed me she has a singing pen stained my beloved expensive Nap sack



So I tried my Alien clean
agitate 1:3 

close up before

after aliencleaned

ta da

more pain in the ass
when i discover many of my rubberize - coat or impregnate with rubber...found on yr MP3 players, Phones, Expensive GPS & SLR cameras...more

Why Do Rubber Bands Melt and Disintegrate as They Age and How Does UV Light and Heat Speed Up the Process?

With time, ultraviolet light and oxygen in the air react with the rubber, creating reactive radicals that snip the polyisoprene chains into shorter segments.

This returns the rubber to something like its original state, soft and sticky
ta da after 10 seconds of rub rub

And i showed my beloved wife

and she says wow

then she showed me her phones rubber coating also get Disintegrate

does she means - I need to buy her a new phone

I took out my magical & started to rub rub

ta da

now i saves lots of $$$$$$$$


after alienised

check again under lighting

now under lighting

my girls heard it & she says"daddy can u detail my Bag!

stickers stains & dirt accumulated

my tools

ta da

daddy how about my pencil case!!!

after alien cleaned

when you have children - 
you need to work
blood stains on the uniforms

a nightmare to clean - esp those who is like me - sensitive nose

magic spray - how it even agitate this hard to remove stains further by brushing the remainder off

When I was back to hometown - looking at my aunt neglected sofa....

extreme close up

in 20 secs



have you been having lots of struggles in getting your ride clean.....inspite of paying hundreds or thousand of $$$$$$ still struggling to make your baby shines or rescue her scratches


magical brushing - can remove???

ta da - after paint transference removed

look at this abandon ride (park under the trees for years) coated with tree saps

pain in the ass to get rids of it

during the magical transformation takes place 


ta da

alternative which is widely practice here- FABs powder + Super degreaser

sanded by worn out sponges with forceful strength

washing yr paint (paint cleaning) - instead of polishing

1) non abrasive - it does not harm yr clear coat or need $$$$$ to buy machine & polish

ta da in 10 secs

light cars - stained paint

alots of stains cant be washed away after 10 days not wash but this months

look at the close up stains

ta da

2 ways to get it done - engine degreaser mixed shampoo or hand polish/wax (takes 4 hours & lots of elbow grease) - which I did it last weekend trying help my bro Girl friend(play with old toys) ended muscles cramps & greaser wax stucks for hours on my skins (inspite after many washes - super toxic)

now after 5 seconds alienised

we even preps 12 cars for HIN for ZTH

leather seats detailing

close upS5izluCepxc/T7xaRyOOfcI/AAAAAAAAGU8/EfSkfKnjgd8/s800/DSCF5898.JPG[/IMG]

removing grease 

pain in the ass too

5 seconds - so easy ta da

one day I receive a text
from my fellow ent

ehhhhh sound promising but with great responsibility as well

trying to clean this 

ta da

thanks buddy

now he dont need hundreds or thousand $$$$$ to sent it to others to detail - cos he is empowered to do so

I am happy
to hear this

from car wash operator

now the new formula - more effective

have some fun