January 9, 2011

Cat City Car detailing session with KC

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Hi to all my buddy in KUCHING SARAWAK

I will be going to Kuching on 10 Jan
will be free to organise a detailing TT session (small scale)

Time : evening
Date: 11th or 12th Jan 2011

place : TBA

RSVP: kindly call me to confirm 016 220 9227 the details

thing to cover 5 steps of detailing

Rotary hands on

Car wash - ONR
paint correction
Polishing/machine rotary hand on

Lastly - waxing


looking forward to see you

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kc's ur gonna drop by Kuching right? perhaps u can bring some over hehe.
I am on top 3000 feet the sea level

a welcome car "KC" hmmmmmmm

Its terribly cold here

but ma ma mia

some pics from my room

now its 15 degrees

another heavenly view
the border of Indonesia & Malaysia - presenting to you Kalimantan

this is heaven

I am here top of the world

Malaysia side

Indonesia side

reporting life to you