August 18, 2012

Car Detailing Clinic and Rotary Hands on (advance lesson) by KC

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Advance car Detailing Lesson (handling Rotary and paint correction) By Detailiens

After much planning - months of preparation, finally we held this intensive course for those who want to learn to detail their cars and to be Car Detailer 

there was 12 of us - out of which 2 of our girl participant came to learn to detail their ride

the first part of the Lesson - Theory

what is paint? purpose of it? how was it made?
what is clear coat? how thick is this protection? 

what damage it? 
Why car wash can be a threatening? what is the root cause?
how to identify - Paint Damage? Clear coat failure? Oxidize? 

How to care for it? how to do a proper wash ? how often to be wash? 

how to prep the car? remove surface contaminants? Tars, Sluds. Tree saps, Birds poos and brake dust? 
Clay? what is it? how to use it safely? when to use? how often should we use? what is clay lubricants aka QD?

Rotary wax? why polishing wax with machine is dangerous?

How to correct when there is a scuff, scratches, Rids, Water marks, oversprayed paint? birds poo? bad paint job? 
Damages done by road side detailers - Hologram? how to remove hologram? 

Wet sanding? Compound? Polish? what steps?

if good PROTECT
How to wax? why wax? should I seal it? coating?

finally ultimate Opti coat application and hands on?


How to preserve what we have attained? how to do a preventive measure? preventive washing from swirls up again?

case study

what damages it?

why road side car wash damage your clear coat?

2nd car

what is the root cause of these 2 cars? 

Both had the same issue - repainted paint & road side car wash

some of the more obvious damages is ? 

swirls and microscopic scuff by wrong techniques and abrasive chemical use as shampoo

You would be most probably be asked for a polish? 
and in the wrong hands 

aka hologram - drifting on your paint

LESS IS ALWAYS MORE - start protecting your car from washing , that is where it 90% malaysian care get thrased from

out of my many calls and text - i have been always moved as to see the struggles individuals

Yes if you are serious about it ! If you give me your time and I will give you my heart- spelled at PASSION.........and I hand picked and invited a dozen to this class.

for those of you are not there, allow me to share with you what took place

moving on to wash the car - effortless and safe

moving on preparing the car paint surface

clay with Alien No rinse as wash

How to prep the car after wash? to remove surface contaminants?
when do we need to clay? how to removes paint overspray, from industry fallout aka acid rains, environmental contaminants and brake dust?
Outter surface contaminant test? Swipe test by a very dry damp cloth - you will feels what your naked hands wouldn't be able to!!!

to removed contaminants and restoring a smooth surface of our paint finish

old school of thoughts
paint correction tools - a seperate backing plate and individuals pads 

4 steps finish

(look at my cutting pad gave way after twice usage)

disintegrate backing plate - all 3 of them

also my 3" backing late

expensive and yet not durable


just 2 steps to finish a black on

our first lady participant

2nd lady

the secret of good polishing 

stay flat otherwise

this is a good finishing - evenly polish

ta da

now its time to caress the paint

how to detail the engine engine bay waterlessly

looks oily and good 

do a swiping test

effortlessly with alien clean

spray off with Alien no rinse wash (aka QD)

Alien clean

now do a swiping test

everyone take turn to correct the paint (cutting away imperfection)

finish it polishing 




the real TEST comes (PART 2)

often i have been asked daily, how to do it and correct that....I always keen to share my passion to those who wants it....Freely I learnt and freely I will empowered

a neglected hood - left abandon for years

firstly wash with no rinse wash

ta da

look at the dirt collected

surface prep
clay range from 7.5 and rm 55

once drop 
simply discard

wet sanding for deeper and serious issue

everybody start your engine

preps work

then each is pair with partner and 4 groups to challenge

abandon lorry door

tada after Yee hau alien clean

during Alien clean 

Alien clean agitation and Alien no rinse off


wet sanding for deeper and serious issue - deeper individual scratches, extremely oxidized paint 

how to removed sanding marks

and just finish polish away

ta da - by all amatures

from here 


my batt run flat and all pothers closed up shots is done by another camera, 

simply best to protect her

Thanks Nic for the wonderful satay and a good time of fellowships

thanks for another memorable time and I enjoyed as much all detailing another car...... 

Selamat Hari raya and have a happy family reunion time with your family

the most unforgettable Bronx detailing lesson....Thanks to our beloved generous bro who allow us to use his place
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