July 7, 2010

How to protect your ultimate asset - a complete paint protection study by KC

How do you gauge a person is car crazy or not?
1. Spend his time looking at his ride more than anyone else

2. Clean her more than any other chores at home

3. Willingly spend his fortune on lavished her, time & effort worth everything

4. Called his ride by name

I share something of my passion to many & of which this one particularly captivated my heart & soul of detailing

remember this familiar ride.... 21 years of oxidized paint that was doomed for repainting even professional body shop says is beyond detailing correction

my 1st attempts (12 months ago)
pic after after 1st correctional detail

this is why i called her 2face


some may prefer this look

Nissan 2face, that what I called her….i may not have the luxury looking ride or paint but it has been always my passion to detail & to maintained what I have restores.

My paint on one side of the car is 21 years old of age & another restores last year & regularly maintained by bi monthly waxes & 6 months polish, as it is a non clear coated car (AKA single stage paint). Constantly facing the aging issue

A good classic examples…would be…our house gates & grills….as it need to be painted yearly, otherwise the paint become dulls & oxidized

The solution…a double stage paint was created to protect this aging process….clear coat paint……I may not have the luxury again to repaint my car…..but fortunate to have a special coating flown in special from US manufacture….AKA Alien coating

This is my thesis done….studying on my car

Paint defect correction…etched marked caused by prolong neglected birds dropping

spot wet sanded for testing

paint etched by this acidic droppings threat & wet sanded to level up & compound off

Ta da

Father's day - most extreme professional car detailing & makeover Merz Eclass by KC

"believe it or not - ripley's" - KC detailing adventure tales

the heat of the day...sun .... nearly gave me a stroke & a sun burn too

This car was pronounce beyond repair or detail & was doomed for respraying work...instead of restoration work

2 months ago, a forum friend of mine, has been asking me to help him to detail his dad newly purchase merz...as a surprise gift for his father. Wow...i can imagine....how happy i would be...

to all our dad... you are our hero .....thanks for sticking close to us, thick & thin .....bring us out to this world & grooming us, Sorry for some heart aching moments...& we are never a better dad without yr fine examples....your love....your sacrifices...worth all that we live for...

to all dad....wishing you a happy & blessed father's....may God bless all & propers you with long live....as we still want us in a spin on our drive or yours...hehehe

this is a 16 years E class master piece....


i wonder how can one just live to scratched & drive the car at the same time

this is the most most most

most horrific paint damaged i ever seen in my life...more compact than any Compact disc

BMW Club Malaysia - Detailing Hands on Session By Seech & KC's

BMW Club Malaysia - Detailing Hands on Session By Seech & KC's

We had this honour to conduct another detailing class for local car clubs.... and we always loves to share what we know, as the importance transference of knowledge to others.

the day begin
sharing my passion of detailing… & showing them my Nissan 2 face

& henceforth to show car lovers how to correct their paint damages professionally

Seech started with the 5 steps car care

and we asked for a volunteer ride
Guess what we got…a E60…530 …thanks to our generous Bro A, so we onr washed the ride & everyone put their hand


Pics after clayed…this is what we got from his ride

pics before rims detailing…a very very tedious way to clean this Msport rims

close up

tad a

we Opti wax the car

now Master seech…explaining a rear scratches the owner concern & wanted us to remove…
our brave Master wet sanded the car & show step by step…correction & till finally restores....sanding mark removed by Megs M105 & solo burgundy wool h & W8007 pad with # 205

look at all the attentive eyes

indeed after that ,, every body got so fire up for rotary

rotary rotary

Never take any thing for granted

Never take any thing for granted
Dear All

I thank God for His mercies, otherwise i may have lost my limb

last sat was crazy sat where we did a detailling workshop in the morning till 3 pm

& had another call from a friend who just got his E 90 & wanted me to detail interior..specially on the leather

I ask Seech to tag along & we started from 5 till late 10 pm

half way thru compounding....i was getting tired & in a split second...some how i was caught off guard...the foam pad & spindle caught my left sleeves & rolling up my sleeves & it got tangled up with my sleeves all the way... ...Thank God it is only at speed one & i tried to pull it off & away
but vanity failed...Seech got a greater shock where he see me in a distant...struggles to pull off & that few second..everything just went head wire... Suddenly somehow there was a Divine intervention..the machine some how stop...................I quickly took of my shirt & my arm was burn by that impact.....wash my wound & round up my compounding....

3 day later pics

pls be careful & i learn one valuble hard lesson

there is always a limit to everything

if u r too tired...called it off & have a break

no body would blame u being slow

I owe my grateful thanks to seech for completing the car & got him worried

I owe my grateful thanks to seech for completing the car & got him worried
Better be safet than sorry