September 3, 2009

Proton knight - Independant day for our national car detailing

Proton Knight detailing
National day for the national car detailing
My youth has been pestering me to help him to detail his ride, it was delayed for 2 months
he came very early to my house, timely for a quick breakfast (BTW this ride is as old as the driver)

Kindly make a guess? how old is this ride

Real work begun

Menu for this ride

2 bucket wash
aggressive clay with last touch

Gold class interior detailings

PRC D 151 (another champion for this ride) with wool pad

NXT 2.0 wax UQD for last touch

Eagle one for tires

I would like to touch this area (as still recovering from hang-over due to 4 rides detailing a day)

Engine bay before


rocker arm- look likes dirty harry

now he look like one now

some pics prior detailing start

lots of water marks

50/50 with D151 my favourite all time champion

50/50 with D151 my favourite all time champion

50/50 with D151 my favourite all time champion

50/50 with D151 my favourite all time champion

i just like the after effect PRC

severe water mark

water marks removed by PRC

My young apprentice - suddenly i feel like Ronald Trump - U r Hired


prior detailing

after (making every dead resurrect)

He is the young handsome owner, happily on hands 1st time with the ROTARY (its a big word for a big task like this)

My Young apprentice (another of my former youth)
He is very dedicated & diligently in his assigment

He does most of the work

As you know i have just finish an extreme make over for Perodua Move (blue ones ) + 4 rides a day before

Thank God both of them came timely to help me out on this 2 rides

Nice interior for 23 years old car with gold class detailing

We had a nice time togather catching up & fellowshipping

perodua Kenari detailng - extreme make over

What a timely celebration for independent day
for our national car

I promised to help my friends (who happen to work forHonda) make over his new used ride

and happen to be like ours. This is the limited edition of Malaysia version of (Japanese Daihatsu MOVE) a compact car. It has serve us well, non of the engine screw need to be removed (repaired) except changes of tires, brake pads, bulbs

If you know how reliable Honda Shadow VT series, same goes here

This is the 2nd generation, a Full accessories, full leather seats & 2 tone colour

Initial Pic during wash

Menu for this ride
2 bucket wash

aggressive clay with last touch

Interior with Gold class detailing

M105 with LC double sided wool pad

M 105 with Ccs yellow foam pad

M 80 with Ccs White foam pad

*wax - autoglym Extra Gloss Protection (owner preference)

But UQD stay on top of it (yeah)

some pics to show how severe the care condition

Stubborn stain


lots of scratches by previous owners children (lots of marks like scratches from cycling handle)

more scratches

Souvenir left behind by previous lady owner

more & more

suspected a motor bike handle grip marks

deep scratches

more fingers nail marks

the new owner nearly fainted, just when he thought he got a good deal till............


Before correction

line out for product testing

look at the Pro Vs Consumer product

Side by side comparrison

time to unveil (the bride)

Choose this day whom you want?
As for the new owner he opt for the best

2nd test spot
More Before & after Pics

Plenty of souvenir left behind by the previous owner

50/50 area set

My Magic portion M 105

Ta ta ta ta

Before & After


More Before & after pics



right side of the bonnet before correction

Left side after correction

After correction

Pics before correction




Last few pics before the rubber hit the road again

beautifully yours

even eyes could not resist admiring it

Show time (c'mon)

deep blue reflection

even lovers admiring the new mirror glazing looks

more side pics

blue blue sky

yes Sun is out (real test begun)

I caught 2 of them on the bonnet

Not one but 2

pics ive being waiting

sun light

side line

top line

peak view

driving a newer new car again

look at the other twin