February 9, 2010

car paint heavily oxidized and restored by Seech & KC

what to do with an oxidized, dull, paint on a 8 years old car, never wax & polish before on the paint

KIA spectra

this was the 2nd car we did last Sunday, after the Toyota Wish
we only had quick break & Drink rushing to this rescue mission

One day , One of my close Friend call me as he stumble upon my blog, while browsing in a car forum

he couldn't believe seeing me detailing the Ferrari, Porsche & Lexus .... not even a pro but only an enthusiast
I wouldnt have done it all alone thus this far ....but sparks by Seech PASSION

this was a last minute arrangement, as this will be my last Sunday detailing Session..........

Thank God Seech came along otherwise I would have turn off this challenge

Upon arriving to the house, we thought easy job.....but closer look & investigation..................NOPE......

The paint was very dull, heavily oxidized, hardly look like a titan blue & rear 1/4 has lots of splattered paint on it, hard water stain
Front head lamp was sanded by the owner while trying to remove the oxidation & the bumper & hood was scratch too.....another request from my Friend is to detail the engine & stained windows

This is a 8 years old car, never been polish or waxed before

pls view the rest of this history

50% of our energy was used in the 1st ride & now left 50% to do the 2nd one

one very encouraging place to view is a very clean engine
regularly detail by the owner himself

what more to say - oxidized .... dullness....

some bird dropping itch the owner tries to sand off

can some body tell me what to do

what do u think of matte paint for a change

head lamp attempt correction by the owner - some over sanded
later was corrected by seech
i will let him to elaborate the process & final pics

left rear 1/4 area...paint splatted

Menu for the Day
ONR Rinseless wash - with 3 microfibers
Aggressive clay - ONR rinseless was as LUBE

APC on emblems & door jams area

Main Course -
the paint is very coarse & dry
when we tries to compound, the pad as though like spider webs, got stuck on it...sticky dried surface

quick tips......constant pad spurring was great to break loose the residue & smoothen the process

Master Chef Seech - compounding with care
Meguiars M 105 with SOLO Burgundy wool / Rotary Speed 600 to spread/ 1000 working with pressure & 1400 slower movement with little pressure
results - Ma ma mia (50/50% pics comparison)

Me - for the entire whole car
Meguiars M 105 with Lake country Double sided wool pad /R - 600 spread/1000 pressure - slower movement / 1400 moderate pressure movement

Polishing -
After a good cut, we feel this c/coat need a good lubricity polish oil - we reckon Meguairs M80 will do a good job with Soft buff W8006 - in resulting ma ma mia

Hand wax by NXT2.0 & UQD

Glass polish - Single sided wool for cutting/r/ 2600 - 3000 with SK newly develope Glass polish (not out in the markert yet, as testing)

Head lamp & plastic correction by Seech - i will leave it to him to share

50/50 pics
We strongly believe - documented our process is the best policy to show what we do

as you can see that there is some heavily oxidation & clear coat wearing out - whitish spots in the centre

cloudy murky surface.......remind me of the song
[quote]just another manic monday song[/quote]

NOW after touch by Seech TLC

extreme close up shots - seech at work
ma ma mia

ta ta ta

The roof

closer pics

as the neighbour paint his porch & even ignore these damages

pics before
more tiny little spots

pics after

another dents & paint removal
before pics

pics after- ta ta ta

some of the side door

after corrections

Scratches corrections
pics before


Water marks & Hard stain removal
Pics prior & before corrections

before glass corrections

lines are drawn & set before going

Here they are:-

pics 50/50 of window corrections

rear windscreen before correction pics


do you remember before


some finishing pics


ma ma mia now

do you remember before

finishing pics

pics of the roof after

thanks for viewing again

front panel

remember before

under light

ma ma mia

thanks for viewing again

thanks to Seech for polishing up to this level

appointment set for the next ride

thanks for bring out the flickering out the paint buddy seech


  1. EricG said...

    that's a spectra, not sephia
    February 11, 2010 12:26 PM

    thanks Eric G
    appreciate ya

    Gong xi Fa Chai


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