October 31, 2011

Malaysia Car Detailing Guru KC's presents "Car detailing Hands on Clinic" powered by detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

WOW its another exciting time of our calender

I receive many many calls a day, most of you that have asked me to detail - I will gives u back the same answer! Would u like learn to fish!!!!! I will teach u to fish together...calls even comes from US , Europe & Mauritus

the gathering of Detailien took place last sat - we welcome Zaid (OCD) who just arrive earlier in the morning (overnight flight - without much sleep) saluting his determinations

paint study

why paint gets oxidised / clear coat failure

we actually begins as early at 8 am (completed 3 cars for the day)

irremovable stains - algae / acid rains stains

mainly due to poor preperations work - prior repainting

why paint get scuff beneath clear coat

look at this putty done

our paint only reflect poor preparations that cos poor finishing

look at this mural

taken during Visitations to Yayasan Sunbeams Home

close up


poor preps

Let me proved to you factory bakes paint last as long as your car drivable (mine for 2 decades)

plenty of deeper scratches & Scuff


conclusion who says "your paint need constant polish WAX by machine" or must wash by car wash
for those of you been a victim, you know "The Less is More"

now is even easier to clean your paint- with the almighty Power clean (safe for painted surface)


ta da

need to repaint this

ta da

the almighty power clean

TADA a car that has been frequent car wash

lesson begin with proper washing techniques "preventive measure" "proactive protection"
most paint swirls 99.99 comes from wrong techniques of washing - either using wear out foam - swirls strokes instead of left to right/up to down strokes, washing from top to bottom or starting from top & gradually goes down to center then lastly finish with the bottom the most contaminates
worn out cloth - "what is the issue of changing MF cloth frequently" at least 3 times a year

surface preperations works

finally my buddy here - find it so satisfy -after detail his car finally

ta da this is what u pick up - tars - birds droppings - brakes dust - industrial fall out - simply dilutes
10 ml of ONR no rinse to a litre of water as lube (QD)

next paint correction demo by master seech himself

hands on time - each of the participant get to as much polishing with the rotary as much as they want

so effortless as only required 2 steps cutting polishing finishimg OPTIMUM double side wool with OHSC & Optimum Double side pad with OHSP

the whole was corrected by 1st time rotary handler - pure amature

ta da


see again


and now after


really TA DA???

dont be fooled - BY JUST A reflection shot

always use proper lighting to check But not to worry - as after every wool cutting - there are always bound to have buffing trails AKA Hologram - just simply finish of with OPT double sided pad with OHSP



scuff at door handle

plenty of RIDS - deeper scratches by car wash - usual worn out sponges & dirt that is trapped - migrated from bottom of the car - during washing

now u see

inspect with proper lighting again


RIDs & Scuff & scrathes

ta da

Proper Reflection shot

close up inspection

later was protected by Optiseal & OC wax

and now " isn't prevention is better than cure!!!"

siamese twin?

some finishing pic

ta da
my tada means ta ta to imperfection

remember this

looks familiar

the rides beside

restore side

remember 2face

later the night I brought Zaid to paint the town red

begins from the highest 2 in KL

look again at the back ground

thanks for coming to Malaysia Buddy

Merxi Buku