February 12, 2010

Polishing & finishing pad



how many mickey can u see from this pics

MA Ma Mia
some of hot stuff arrived from the states..............................

these are some of my long for detailing pads..i always ....always ...wanna to have.

When I showed it to some of my colleagues, what for & why so many of it & so colorful?
..................to any non detailing person....

so... to a man a hand bag is just another bag, whether is HOLMES, Coach or LV or Gucci

to a non -detailer...a wax is a just a wax...car shampoo is just car shampoo....foam pad is just another foam
why do u need pay so much & buy imported stuff from states & why cant u finish polishing my (detail) my car in 2 -3 hours,
How many steps u do? climbing to another floor or detailing

I only wish they can Google a bit & quest for some tips how to maintain their car, they will immensely appreciate car detailings.....

here are some of the latest Polishing & finishing foam pads....from the best Meguiars & Lake country

http://www.lakecountrymfg.com http://www.meguiars.com

both legendary car detailing suppliers company......

this is a 3'' loop back plate
this will be my 5th backing plate & the smallest......
i always long for this to do on exotics, esp Ferrari side doors induct areas & crazy Lambo fly overs spoilers & fenders....the A, B, C , D , E , F arms areas ...rigid area & in between the windows frame & doors

another good backing plate for head lamp correction to reach area like edge.....esp when we use high sped buffer to correct sanding marks after Plastic oxidized removed by Sanding

look like a small burger bun ya....too expensive to be eaten

my whole new collections of pads

now i have every detailer pad to finish a competition detail

so, why does a lady have so many kinda bags, one for working, another for shopping , another for marketing & another for baby & children stuff

cant the modern women learn to from the great Mary Poppin ....all she ever need is just ONE (1)......bag ...and she has everything in it

''i think it time that we stop putting more confussion into the confused world''...KC

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