November 4, 2009

FERRARI F335 full correction details

every="" minutes="" my heart="" beats="" faster="" than="" previous=""as we are going to details this "" exotic="" car=""

as early as this we reached our clients place

A a glance on this ride, it look prefect & good but at a closer inspections under the sun, the paint had very severe defects & swirls

here is some of it ,

but under sunlight

November 3, 2009

Porsche 993 Carrera 2 & Ferrari F355 just details

Carrera 2 is a trademarked name (Spanish for "race") exclusively used by Porsche for its models to honor the company's success in the Carrera Panamericana race.
The 993 models are widely acclaimed for its rear looks and due to the relatively low production numbers they already are very popular collectors cars constantly gaining value.

Berlinetta (from Italian: berlinetta) is an especially sporty form of Coupe. Typically a two-seater, the type may include 2+2s.The real meaning for berlinetta in Italian is "little saloon " The real meaning for berlinetta in Italianis "little Saloon"

Detailing both exotic in 1 day is extremely crazy thing to do.....thanks to our fellow car Crazee Seech

started off with a cool wet morning with the F355, did some tremendous the time we finished....dead tired but we cant simply resist 993, the Carrera 2

''Cant take my eyes of you'' - Andy William.....not only my eyes but my hand

Fighting against all odd, time & strength in making this 993 as our last details before we call it a day

This is a track driven Porsche....i believe it is always driven to its limit...plenty of visible swirls even on a white....still looking great for a 13 years rides

Menu for this ride

ONR - Meguiars Wash mitt

M105 - Solo burgundy wool - Solo polishing foam pad

M205 - Solo foam

Plastic X

NXT 2.0


Only pics before - as we was too engross in getting the work done - Faded back trim requested by the owner to finish

Master Seech (AKA Classic Porsche restorer - Just in case you miss MOL newsletter) hand on in perfecting & correcting.....he would loves to tell you this part....

The power behind the wheel...super charger

some after shot

Some finishing shots


Thanks Seech for being so thoughtful ....its has been the most memorable detailings that i have done & enjoyed every minute of it

check out the graphic on this exotic

I spent tclose to 2 hours on wheel alone

Menu for this wheels:-
Megs APC - different dilutions tested
Megs - Gold class Tar Remover
Minuture Dips stick from Japanese stores
Micro fibers
NXT2.0 sealant waxed

some pics to share with you guys (wheel before delicate spa's)

given to any driver, well its clean lets professional like the details that counts
take a closer look...14 years of brake cakes....look at the camera on the nuts